About HACK

Hack is a liquid fund that has been created by Hackers/Founders, the fund gives investors access to fast-tracked liquidity by using blockchain technology.

Using this technology, it gives people of all status access to invest in startups. The money that is raised from the sale of tokens will used in companies all around the world.

The HACK token is Ethereum based and is issued to the investor. Tokens can be purchased and sold online as liquid transactions. Based on the ERC 223 protocol, HACK solves the issues that come with the standard ERC20. The token is used for proof of membership in H/F. The token is developed by KrowdMentor an investment firm that empowers blockchain investors and funds.

Why is Liquidity Important?

In normal start-up companies the investors only receive gains in their funds when the company is sold or is announced to the public. In Silicon Valley, these are not events that occur regularly. In these circumstances, investors rarely profit. It will take around 10 years before they will know if they have made the right choice in their investment.

Hack being liquid means that investors can trade tokens in a fund that has value from Hackers/Founders already existing pool of start-up companies.

About the Hackers/Founders Team

Hackers/Founders originated in Silicon Valley where they started their very first entrepreneur group. In the space of ten years they have expanded their community around the world spanning over 47 countries, 128 cities and 300,000 people.

H/F runs a collection of stage tech companies, they provide services in exchange for equity. They combine the equity into four funds that are offered to investors. In the past five years the combine funds have made seven exits.

The team is spearheaded by couple Jonathan & Laura Nelson. Johnathan, managing partner of HACK and CEO of H/F helped achieve a $600M portfolio in the first 5 years and is a member of the SEC Advisory Committee for Small Emerging Business. Laura, general partner of HACK and co-founder of H/F is the chief systems analyst and came up with the curriculum concepts for the portfolio companies.

Where Can I Get HACK ICO Tokens?

HACK tokens can be purchased directly from the H/f website at https://buy.hf.cx/.
The price of 1 HACK token is $1 USD. This purchase is the minimum that can gain an investor entry into HACK. You can trade ETH and BTC in exchange for HACK Tokens. If you’re unfamiliar on how to purchase ETH and BTC HACK has included a video on their website.

The HACK ICO Verdict

For the last five years Hackers/Founders has been generating advanced and valuable products for their investors. The HACK fund seems to be going in the same direction.

Giving everyone a chance to be an investor and help fund start-up businesses around the globe for a fraction of the usual cost is great news, although as the company is still quite new it’s uncertain to know how well HACK is going to do on the market.

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