Hackspace Capital HAC Token Review

Hackspace is a platform that was established in 2017. The platform was established with the aim to invest in the most promising early-stage technology startups, which will be identified by EnCata, its strategic partner. The platform also serves as an online shop where people can buy products and services offered by startups identified by Hackspace.

How Hackspace Capital HAC Works

Their partner, EnCata, is tasked with identifying startups worth funding. After that, Hackspace capital will invest in the startup. After that, both Hackspace and EnCata will guide the startups through prototype creation, marketing, and sale and distribution of the product.

How the Basic Process Works

The platform has outlined the basic process that they will use to move a startup from the idea stage to its final stage.


Most technology companies fail even before they ever get to create their products. It is especially so when a startup is made up of people with great ideas but little experience. Hackspace offers these businesses with the support they need for them to establish a foothold in the market.

EnCata Design

EnCata is the official partner of Hackspace Capital. The company assists in the identification of startups and the creation of working prototypes. Besides that, they offer consultative service on the manufacturing techniques. EnCata has R&D facilities, project office, and the machinery for prototype creation, which they make available to the startup.

EnCata Marketing

EnCata has a separate marketing company that handles all marketing activities for the startups. They offer services such as photo and video production, branding, and execution of marketing campaigns. Besides that, they will offer full support for crowdfunding on various platforms.

EnCata Manufacturing

As already mentioned, they have the industrial machinery to allow for the creation of working prototypes. They also have partnerships with global producers. This allows them to get to mass production with ease.

International Sales

Hackspace capital, via its partnerships, will help startups get their products to international markets.

Their Record Thus Far

EnCata has already referred ten hardware startups to Hackspace. The platform has already invested in one of the companies and is conducting due diligence so that it can invest in five other startups.

The Hackspace Capital HAC Token Sale

The token for this platform is known as HAC and was launched on September 19, 2017. However, this is not the token sale you are used to. The company plans to launch 12 mini token sales. Every month, they will launch a token sale that will last for 24 hours.

The total supply of HAC is one billion. There is no fixed price for the tokens, and the value of tokens will be determined once the token sale is over and all tokens distributed. The tokens are distributed to buyers after five days of the sale.

Only 515 of the HAC will be made available for the public sale. 39% of the other HAC are designated for the current and future development of the platform. 5% will be used for marketing, bonuses, and acquiring advisors. 5% will be reserved for the founders and employees of Hackspace.

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