HADE Pay Token Powers A Crypto Payments Platform & Exchange Fund

What Is HADE Pay?

HADE Pay is an upcoming cryptocurrency that seeks to facilitate more comfortable purchasing of cryptocurrencies and the payment of service through a network of digital currencies, utility tokens and fiat options. The HADE Pay cryptocurrency wants to become a significant solution to solving the liquidity problem facing most altcoins and tokens since they practically worthless outside of the ICOs and the crypto exchanges.

For this sake, HADE Pay will look to increase the longevity and usage of these altcoins and tokens beyond the typical trade value. Under the HADE platform, HADE Pay will seek to streamline the adoption of digital currencies and eventually make their usage and acceptance a real possibility.

How HADE Pay Crypto Payments Platform & Exchange Fund Works

The HADE token acts as a tokenized representation of the investments funds within the HADE financial ecosystem. The platform is made up of an AI-based SaaS platform which will provide for the financial services and tokenized investment funds.

Generally, the HADE platform will aim to bring cryptocurrency investment product from the markets through their TIFs. However, for the HADE platform, the financing is unlike the conventional investing in cryptocurrency which is accustomed too much speculation and trade restrictions.

The Hade platform aims to address the issues surrounding the crypto investing:

  • The HADE token is the platform's native currency and is licensed to facilitate the hosting and deploying of the TIFs by the portfolio investment managers. The token works under the HADE blockchain protocol and the technology are available only through the token.
  • Investment funds- The TIFs bunch together particular cryptocurrencies within each sector for more comfortable investing with the help of their expertise. Token partners working with HADE Pay also get the chance for investment exposure only if their token accepts multiple tokens and altcoins.
  • Purchases- there is also the option of making online purchases through cryptocurrency and the system will encompass businesses and consumers interested in making payments
  • Exchange option- HADE Platform will facilitate the swapping of any participating altcoins or ERC-20 token, and this will ensure the users unlocks the particular value of the cryptocurrencies.

HADE Pay Features

HADE Pay goal of combing investors and institutions to cryptocurrency markets could have positive implications for the growth and adoption of the blockchain. Concerning features, here are the probable reasons as to why HADE Pay ranks competitively among other ventures:

  • Multicurrency options and tokens- The ability to accommodate multiple tokens and altcoins will give HADE significant advantage over additional payment and investment funds on the blockchain.
  • An advanced security system is also present with the use of blockchain technology and AI adding to the safety of the user's finances
  • Unlocking value- HADE will offer users the capability to get value for their tokens beyond using cryptocurrency exchanges or investing in ICOs.
  • Potential partnerships and collaborations with other altcoins and tokens certify building of relationships on the blockchain community
  • Internal exchanges to facilitate the liquidity of the HADE Pay and the rest of the cryptocurrencies within the platform.

HADE Pay Token ICO Details

  • Start date- 27th April 2018
  • End date- 27th May 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- HADE
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, USD
  • Price- 1 HADE= $0.08
  • Token supply- 75 million HADE

Token Distribution

  • Public distribution and licensing- 50%
  • Team- 15%
  • Consultants and advisors- 5%
  • Community and company reserve- 30%

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