The full integration of IT and businesses cannot be averted. And why should it be averted considering that it has numerous benefits to offer. Many companies are already tapping into this lucrative development, but none had thought of bringing blockchain technology into the picture until now.

Hala is essentially the new Siri of digital business applications. It is making digital interactions between businesses and their systems, workforce, and customers more actionable and human-like by leveraging AI and blockchain technology. The result is a sophisticated platform that serves as a central digital brain for businesses with digital outlets.

How Exactly Does Hala Work?

There are growing concerns about AI technology especially in the wake of diminishing privacy on digital platforms. This is not a matter of concern when it comes to Hala. The platform is based on the MVP AI platform, which is commercially available to anyone and is already in mass use in two European countries. This AI platform has been regulated by relevant authorities to ensure that it doesn’t harbor any malicious programs that would put the public and businesses at risk.

Hala combines the MVP AI platform with blockchain technology – this is what ranks it ahead of other companies already venturing into this field. The blockchain platform enables businesses to ensure ultimate privacy and decentralize their services for more efficient operations. Some of the features offered on this platform include a Digital Assistant Builder, Skills Builder, NLP, ML, Speech Technologies, and the Hala Knowledge Studio, which essentially is an ever-growing database.

Advantages Of Using Hala

The integration of technology and businesses has both been praised and criticized. However, its benefits far outweigh its shortcomings. Now, the integration of AI technology and businesses comes with even more benefits that include.

Cost Reduction

Businesses spend a huge amount of money for IT support services that are often offered at the service desk. Hala’s platform has the capability to learn and correct errors or meet obligations without human intervention.


Digital interaction has hastened most business processes. Nevertheless, it also needs constant maintenance, and many businesses dedicate a lot of time to solving IT issues as digital platforms are critically important. Hala, however, does not develop complications and requires minimum maintenance. As such, businesses that adopt it can save time and other resources to put them to other urgent needs.

Improved Productivity

Most digital platforms today are just conduits between clients and staffers. Staffers have to liaise and consult with each other when interacting with clients, and this takes time. Hala, however, learns fast and keeps everything in its database. To this end, it performs better and improves business productivity.

The Monetary Potential Within

Hala is also seeking to cash in on the ongoing crypto-craze, and it already has tokens to achieve this. Those who embrace this platform can earn through a simple procedure:

  • Sign up as a knowledge miner, get free Hala tokens, and dig for and develop digital skills
  • Share your knowledge on the platform’s Knowledge Share Program
  • If viable, your skills will be placed for sale on the Hala Skills Store
  • Clients visit the Skills Store and purchase your training
  • 50% of the payment goes to you, and you get to use the Hala tokens as you wish

Pre-ICO And ICO Details

Hala has already achieved most of its milestone projects, and its pre-ICO launch is scheduled for 2nd May until 18 May. The main sale will then take place from 22nd July to 23rd August. The total number of Hala tokens is 452 million, but those scheduled for sale are 212 million only. The tokens will be exchanged for ETH.


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