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The DragonMint T2 Miner is a new bitcoin miner produced by Halong Mining. Halong mining disrupted the monopoly of the ASIC mining industry by Bitmain after it launched its first bitcoin mining hardware the DragonMint 16T ASIC.

The DragonMint T2 succeeds the DragonMint 16T Bitcoin ASIC, which was successfully launched and began shipping in March 2018. The miner boasts of its power efficiency, which is one of the greatest in the market. The power efficiency can be attributed to its AsicBoost technology. The miner also delivers one of the highest hash rates in the market.

Specifications And Advantages Of The DragonMint T2 Miner

Hash Rate

The miner can deliver a hash power of up to 17 TH from the 16THs of the previous DragonMint model. The high hash rate means that the miner has a higher performance and that the bitcoin miners will be able to generate more bitcoin as rewards and therefore making the entire mining operation more profitable. Compared to other miners, DragonMint T2 Miner hash rate is one of the highest in the market.

Power Consumption

Depending on the mode, the power that the miner consumes is 93-102 Watts /TH with a variation of ±8% at 220-240V at a temperature of 25ºC. The low power consumptions means that mining through this hardware is a viable investment as the energy bills are lower. However, the power supply varies depending on the power supply that is being used.


The miner has Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Boost technology and SHA256 algorithm integrated into giving it the greatest power and efficiency, as it improves efficiency approximately 20% when compared to the current bitcoin mining hardware in the market.

Power Supply

The DragonMint T2 requires a power supply of 1600 watts in order to function properly. Miners can use any power supply unit as long as it has enough watts. However, Halong Mining strongly recommends its DragonMint 1600W power supply, which can be purchased on the company’s website.


Profitability of a mining operation is calculated based on the hash rate and the power consumption. When compared to its closest competitors, the DragonMint T2 has a higher hash rate of 17 TH with lower power consumption, which is not only profitable for large scale mining operations but also for individual mining.


Once the DragonMint T2 has been purchased, refunds are not possible as the sales are final. The warranty for the miner is for six months, which is at a return to base.

Set Up

The miner interfaces with other nodes using the Ethernet network connection. A demonstration video on how to set up the miner can be found on the official website of the miner and on YouTube.


Currently, the estimated dates of shipping are not available. However, individual who are interested in the product can join the whitelist in order to be notified when the product will be available for shipping.

DragonMint T2 Miner Conclusion

The DragonMint T2’s efficiency and competitive value makes it one of the best in the market today. It is one of the best options for individual who want to get started in mining and for those who are already established in mining.

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