Halykcoin is set to be Kazakhstan’s first blockchain enabled Cryptocurrency. Just like its name suggests, the coin launching is set to take place in March 2018, is supported by the Halykcoin Cryptocurrency HLC. Currently, the Halykcoin project is in its last phase of the pre-selling stage. So if you are interested in the presale, you can purchase the coin on their official website at a price of 0.0004 Bitcoins.

How Is Halykcoin Set To Work?

Unlike other blockchain platforms that require ending computer software to operate, the Halykcoin innovators seem to have come up with better options for all users. By introducing the use of mobile Apps, they make it easier for you to access your wallet anywhere. Additionally, the developers indicate their interest to launch a secure use software that will give you access to the platform even with the use of regular computers.

The Halykcoin App is already available at Google Store and is also compatible with all devices. The App allows users to send, receive and store HLC coins at their own convenience. We see this as a smart move taken by the developers of this Cryptocurrency to access medium scale users. However, whether this trick works or not is something we will have to wait and see.

However, there hasn’t been much information on the unique feature the Halykcoin offers its users, thus making it look sluggish among its competitors. But this being the first Cryptocurrency from Kazakhstan, they are so far doing pretty okay.

Halykcoin Republic Of Kazakhstan Cryptocurrency Benefits

Buying From Another Currency

If you choose to invest in the HLC coin, you get to conduct purchases from another currency. All you need to do is log into your wallet and use the resale menu which is simple to execute.

Exchange Goods/Services For Halykcoin

The platform allows users to trade their products and services for HLC coins. For each payment you get from your sales, the platform offers you 0.02HLC. However, you have to register your wallet to gain access to this privilege.

Participation In The Bounty Campaign

Halykcoin rewards its users with HLC coins for keeping their social media pages active with comments and likes. So you can take this as your starting point. You even get job offers in the project.

Should I Invest In Halykcoin HLC ICO?

The HLC coin seems to hit on a rough ride patch from the beginning. Recently, the Kazakhstani Halyk Bank accused the developers of using the bank brand name without their consent. We are yet to find out if these claims stand to affect the future of the much-awaited coin.

Furthermore, the Halykcoin is currently facing internal opposition from the renowned Kazakhstan Association of Cryptocurrency. The association claims that the coin is a scam and urge individuals to resist it to avoid loses. As much as we cannot ignore bold claims from such professionals, we are yet to verify the claims. However, considering the interests of the mentioned parties in the blockchain solution provisions, it could as well be a matter of unhealthy completion. But we still urge you to exercise caution even as you objectively weigh your options.

Halykcoin Conclusion

Halykcoin is the first Kazakhstan Cryptocurrency set for launching in Mid-March 2018.The Halykcoin project is currently on the pre-sale stage and is set to give its users a wide range of benefits.


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