Experfy, in the Harvard innovation lab, armed with fundamental tech initiated by data as well as analytics marketplace, the Cayman Islands-based Expercoin is introducing a preliminary coin offering (ICO). The confidential pre-sale is set to begin on June 1st, basically to assist in building a decentralized education platform.

Official communication from Expercoin indicates that its platform will make use of the blockchain technology to maintain upskilling evaluations, peer-to-peer fiscal aid as well as mentorships. Following their success in establishing a leading AI-powered platform with a combination of vocation and upskilling for Fortune 500 companies, the company has decided to launch Expercoin.

According to the company, Expercoin is expected to decentralize its technology stack by means of an innovative corporate body. One of the creators Expercoin, Sarabjot Kaur, asserts that according to McKinsey, over 850,000 individuals in only seven nations globally are either out of work or underemployed. The guilty party in this case is the education structures which need a turn-around.

Kaur is also of the view that even as the world shifts to skill-based economy and automation, traditional jobs are slowly being eaten away. It is for this reason that Expercoin is being launched to enable uninterrupted upskilling through creation of self-motivated learning paths as well as replicated apprenticeships that make use of AI.

In his view, Kaur is of the idea that a combination of education founded on skills, coupled with practical work would go a long way in ushering a vastly trained labor force for the international community, which has more and more become digital.

According to the announcement, the company made it clear that anyone is free to launch an ‘Expercoin Republic’, for the main purpose of bringing together education in its variety of forms. This includes a number of aspects like courses, evaluation schemes as well as mentorship which should be accompanied with practical work opportunities like jobs and internships.

The company also asserts that there can be a ‘Nation of Smart Manufacturing, ‘Nation of Nanotechnology, ‘Nation of Blockchain, or even ‘Nation of Public Speaking.’ In so doing, experts in a particular subject would seek ‘nationality’ in each ‘nation’ to come up with erudition experiences to offer necessary services and tender mentorships to those who need them.

Token holders of Expercoin would then be given an ‘Expercoin Trust Quotient’, which determines the level of control they would have in the running of the decentralized ecosystem. Expercoin wants to tokenize all connections inside its network. This is meant to discourage terrible performers and recompense contributors.

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