Hash Street Mining Review

Bitcoin popularity is growing each day, and investors have taken a keen interest in the cryptocurrency world. Each day, remote mining companies are coming up on the internet. One such is Hash Street Mining, a company that we could not seem to find much information about it from Google, which as we all know, “knows it all”.

What is Hash Street Mining?

According to the website, hashstreet is a mining investment project that claims to be a mastermind of experts who have been in the field of bitcoin mining, online marketing, and profitable cryptocurrencies trading. They claim to provide their clients with a unique investment approach to make their bitcoins generate a source of reliable income.

When one deposits their bitcoin, they trade and ensure their customers make profits on an hourly basis. Once you make a deposit, you cannot get it back. It is non-refundable. They purport to use technology advanced equipment to mine thus minimizing financial losses to clients which guarantees profits each day.

While honest people are looking for a way to invest their hard-earned cash, scammers are out there preying on naïve people in the cryptocurrency world. And Hash Street Mining seems to lean more on the scammers side.

Facts You Should Know About Hash Street Mining

The site claims to have been in existence since 2007. However, a quick search on whois.com shows that the website was registered on January, 23rd 2018. The domain is just 16 days old. The site owners are using IP masking softwares to hide their exact locations. The owner’s address is 1928 E. Highland Ave. St F104 PMB# 255. He is in the US, Phoenix.

However, once the site, the website owners claim that the company is UK based. They even go ahead to give their company number. This disparity of information is quite common with scam sites. This raises questions on the credibility of hashstreets. Since this is a fairly new website, we advise you to be cautious about it.

Features and Plans

  • For 3% daily profits the minimum deposit: 0.01 btc.
  • Foe 4% daily profits, the minimum deposit is 0.03 btc
  • For 5% daily profits, the minimum deposit is 0.05 btc.
  • All profits are paid for 50 days
  • Both deposit and withdrawals are only done in bitcoin
  • Payments are instant once initiated.

Hash Street Mining Affiliate Program

  • Level 1- 7%
  • Level 2-2%
  • Level 3-1%

At the moment, hashstreet is paying out. However, as with most HYIPs, they close shop once they have achieved their target. We advise you to keep off. If it looks fishy, it is because it is.

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