High yield investment programs are the talk of the town these days because of their ability to generate impressive returns when people invest cryptocurrencies. The platforms require you to put in some money in terms of cryptocurrency and choose a plan for daily returns. However, they are not always a sure bet. The investments could be risky. This time, we are going to take a closer look at Hashbot, a HYP program that promises lucrative returns.

Take due diligence, though. We haven’t put our money on Hashbot yet, so we cannot assure you about its payment status. If you want a good investment option, check out other companies we have reviewed and you could be lucky to get a legit one.

Is Hashbot Paying?

Hashbot claims to be paying, but we cannot ascertain if indeed they are! It’s our hope that we will get the answers soon once we are done looking at other similar HYIPs in the market. Keep in touch with our blog to learn about new platforms that might interest you.

Is Hashbot Risky?

Hashbot has all pointers of a HYIP, so yes, it’s risky! Owing to the risky nature of these kinds of investments, we recommend that don’t reinvest for some time, until you can clearly determine the site’s payment status. Keep checking various HYIP monitors out there to know if Hashbot does really pay.

Hashbot Investment Plans

Hashbot has 3 major investment plans for investors, all of which are for lifetime daily earning, and allow you to get your initial deposit whenever you want. These are:

  • 5% daily (0.21% hourly) – 0.005 BTC minimum and 3 BTC maximum
  • 7% daily (0.30% hourly) – 3.01 BTC minimum and 10 BTC maximum
  • 9% daily (0.37% hourly) – 10.01 BTC minimum and 999 BTC maximum

HashBot Conclusion

As much as Hashbot sounds like a good investment program, we cannot give you any guarantees, so make sure you are careful. Do some homework and keep yourself updated by checking HYIP monitors before you can finally decide to put in some money. We urge you to remain cautious in your venture to find good HYIPs.

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