The platform for Hashbux is a decentralized gaming environment that is now has a live ICO and is built on blockchain technology. The decentralized network is ideal for people who are into peer to peer gaming. Also, one platform that can be fully integrated into the different applications, games and services – all based on an intelligent platform that basis logic on data collected from the competition between users, so it can help them better monetize in-game activities.

The whitepaper is available on the company website, as is a presentation that has been put together to describe the platform in-depth.

How Does Hashbux Work?

Game players will be able to play the games, review them, like them, hate, them and rate them as well as make simple comments to earn the HashBux Tokens. Any cryptocurrency traders can invest in the various projects on the network and get tokens with bonuses for their efforts. Game Developers are able to build games for the platform and make HASHBUX tokens whenever the game they build is played. And the entire platform and system is built on the Ethereum Blockchain to help keep it completely secure and safe for all users.

Basically, the platform is built on a decentralized network that sits on the Ethereum blockchain built for gamers, developers and investors, so they can get the biggest opportunity to earn money when they play the games.

The main aim is to give people who play gams an opportunity that is reasonably priced, so they can play the games on the platform from anywhere using a PC, Android, or iOS with the Hashbux system on it. There are a lot of benefits to using the platform apparently, for example:

The Hashbux Platform has also been covered on two major cryptocurrency websites, ICO Watchlist and ICO Alert.

The platform has the goal of protecting the interests of the gamers, traders and the developers. The platform will use the HASHBUX game currency, AKA HASH. Any tokens made will be deposited to the personal accounts of the user on the platform, effectively being exchanged for HASH Tokens. The tokens can then be freely traded, bought, and old at any of the valid crypto exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

Apparently, there will also be an app designer that is based on the Hashbux SDK system. The implementation of the SDK platform will help engineers and developers build new apps and games that use scenarios already in existence, as well as pre-existing game mechanics without the effort needed to start from scratch.

The end goal of the company is to create an attractive blockchain environment for gamers, developers and traders to make money while they use the system. They really want to make the platform affordable for everyone to use, regardless of where they’re from.

What Is The ICO Of Hashbux?

The ICO ends in a little over seven days, you can buy the tokens for the platform right now if you want. From the looks of it, there are no buyers yet. And they have a soft cap o $5 million USD with a hard cap of $10 million USD. The company works with Ethereum and Bitcoin and you can also join them/follow the progress of their ICO on Telegram.

There are currently 15,000,000 tokens ready for crowdsale at $0.65, and it will only run for seven days. They are encouraging all investors to take advantage of the token sales as soon as the ICO starts, so they can get the massive bonuses. And the bonuses are, that the first 24 hours of the token sale will carry a 50% price cut on any tokens purchased. The next 24 hours will carry with it a 30% price cut on any tokens bought. The next 24 hours after that, or day three will have a 20% price cut and the fourth day will have a 10% price cut. You can see the full roadmap of the company on the website at HashBux.io.

Who Is Behind Hashbux?

The website has no information on who is running the show or the team behind the scenes. This is a red flag and marks the gaming platform as a high-risk investment for the reason of non-transparency.

Hashbux In Conclusion

The concept is great, it’s not unique by any means. There are a few other cryptocurrency companies on the market who are also using tokens as incentives for gamers and developers. But as far as Hashbux goes, they have no information on who is running the show or where they are located. Until they disclose that information, it’ too dangerous to invest with them in my personal opinion.

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