HashCash has just recently launched a first-of-its-kind white label payment platform that is based on Bitcoin currency. The new ecommerce payment option will help merchants receive Bitcoin as payment.

The blockchain technology company disclosed this on Thursday at an event that introduced a white label payment key that will integrate Bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency for payments.

HashCash team says that all companies in the ecommerce ecosystem that subscribes to the new product will be able to receive their payments in Bitcoin currency.

It is no news that blockchain and cryptocurrency is attracting a lot of investors and digital traders are daily increasing their stakes in their respective crypto exchange platforms to which they subscribe. The advent of this new technology will go a long way in providing a sorely needed service to ecommerce stores around the world.

Expert predictions have already projected that before the end of the final quarter (Q4) of 2018, over $2 trillion worth of cash will go into purchases and bargain in online sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay. But, even that is just the beginning as more merchants and retailers are expected to indicate keen interest in both accepting and investing in cryptocurrency tokens.

Consequently, the introduction of the Bitcoin payment platform will not only increase the amount of money that will go into crypto investment but also people will be able to trade in the famous and precious Bitcoins.

Merchants utilizing HashCash solution will have no problem making payments since the platform operates on an end-to-end payment option. Besides, being able to accept payment in Bitcoin, traders can access Bitcoin invoicing, resolve and manage all disputes while also gaining unlimited access to ticketing solutions.

Even more many crypto critics and naysayers will perhaps be proven wrong with this new technology. Of course, nothing can be done about individuals who have developed cold attitude towards Bitcoin having seen its price take a deep dive from the all-time high price of $18k+ in January.

However, the last few months –at least, since August- the price of Bitcoin has remained relatively favorable and fairly steady. So, no more worries about such negative projections about Bitcoin.

Since Bitcoin currency serves as a universal currency which can used to trade in any blockchain, merchants making cross-border businesses can always utilize Bitcoin payments to execute their e-commerce transactions and make payments.

So, anyone in the UK who wants to make payments to a partner in the US does not have to worry about extra charges and conversion rates as that’s automatically take care of by the Bitcoin payment solution.

At least we saw this happen in Venezuela last week during Dash’s launch of a mobile payment service which connects people who do not have smartphones to make payment using the cryptocurrency. Still, within the same country, well over 2200 merchants accepted the cryptocurrency Dash, signaling the end of crypt-to-fiat conversion. The implication of that is that traders do not have to go the whole hog trying to convert crypto Dash to fiat.

Well, the development in Venezuela has been attributed to the crazy inflation rate that almost collapsed the economy, leading to having to find alternative means of currency exchange to cater for payments for goods bought and sold.

However, it is not inconceivable that the same trend could happen here in the US and North America soon, as many states come to legitimize and accept cryptocurrency.

China set a record earlier in the week through a legal precedent that recognizes the legality of cryptocurrency as a legal asset protected by and recognized under the country’s law.

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