HashGains, a project of Futuristic Internet Services LLC, became the first player to introduce Crypto Night and Blake2B mining services from its highly advanced and automated platform. They offer a cloud-based, environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining service that dramatically reduces the amount of energy required. They offer a transparent view of mining returns, owing to their mining return calculator.

Blake2 is a cryptographic hash function that is based on BLAKE and is based on chacha round function. It uses 64-bit words like Chacha, 12 rounds, and producing hashes up to 512 bits.

Crypto Night is a proof-of-work algorithm designed to be suitable for ordinary PC CPUs. Currently, there are no special purpose devices for mining so it can only be CPU-mined.

By using advanced ASIC and GPU machines, HashGains has achieved 99.99% uptime, safely and securely without the use of fossil fuels. Mining for currencies such as Monero (XMR) and SiaCoin (SC) was initially only possible using a GPU platform, however, with the arrival of ASIC cloud mining, such currencies have become profitable in comparison to more standard cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

The push in the innovation of this technology is only possible because of the user interest in Monero peaking in the last couple of months. Customers will be able to choose the algorithm of their choice and mine currency of their choice on April 15. They ensure the delivery of SiaCoin mining within 24 hours. Monero ASIC mining will be available on a pre-order basis only. The estimated delivery is the end of June.

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