Hashincome, found online at Hashincome.com, promises to pay investors 10% to 15% ROI per day. Find out why it’s a scam today in our review.

What is Hashincome?

Hashincome is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises enormous earnings with no hard work, skills, or experience required. In fact, all you need to do is give the company money. They’ll pay you thousands of dollars in return.

Hashincome has no products, services, or investment packages available. The company doesn’t use your money to develop a product or solve any real world problems. Instead, it seems like a basic pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme: the company takes your money, uses it to pay older investors, and then recruits new members to keep the flow of cash going.

Hashincome, to their credit, vaguely mentions some type of mining operation. As with all scammy mining companies, however, it’s difficult to confirm that any real mining takes place. There’s no pool information and no hashrate information, for example. There’s also no transparency about the location of the company or who’s running Hashincome

Even if real mining were to take place, it wouldn’t lead to guaranteed ROIs of 10% to 15% per day, every day.

How Does Hashincome Work?

Hashincome offers three different “investment plans”. With each of these plans, you deposit your money for a 12 day period. The company does nothing with your money, yet magically turns it into more money. If you give the company $25, for example, they’ll pay you up to $2500 within 12 days. You don’t need to do any hard work or take any risk.

While you’re waiting for your money to multiply, Hashincome encourages you to refer other people to the platform. Hashincome has a pyramid scheme-style referral structure where users are paid 15% for all direct referrals to the platform. You get a cut of each new member’s membership fee.

Hashincome Pricing

Hashincome’s “investment packages” include all of the following:

10% Daily: Earn 10% ROI every day, guaranteed, on investments of $25 to $2500, over a 12 day period

12% Daily: Earn 12% ROI every day, guaranteed, on investments of $2500 to $5000, over a 12 day period

15% Daily: Earn 15% ROI every day, guaranteed, on investments of $5,001 and up, over a 12 day period

We can find no evidence that anyone has actually been paid by the company. If someone tries to tell you that they’ve been paid by the company, it’s probably because they want you to join through their affiliate link.

Who’s Behind Hashincome?

Typically, scammy companies like Hashincome refuse to disclose information about themselves. These companies rise and fall every few weeks, and they want to avoid any legal repercussions after investors’ money disappears.

This seems to be the case with Hashincome. The website’s “About Us” page features no identifying information about the team, or why that team is qualified to handle your investment.

The only information we have about the company is an address for an office space in Manchester, UK (50 Brown St). We can find no evidence that Hashincome is based at that address, or that it has any type of mining operations anywhere in the world.

WHOIS data tells us the website was registered on October 12, 2017: so it’s a brand new company with limited history.

HashIncome Conclusion

You should know Hashincome is a scam as soon as you see earnings guarantees of 10% to 15% per day. There is no investment in the world that will pay returns like this, every day, guaranteed. Even if you invested in bitcoin at the start of January, then held until late 2017, you wouldn’t get returns of 10 to 15% per day.

Put simply, when someone makes absurd earnings promises with no proof, transparency, or explanation, it’s a sure sign you’re being scammed. Unless you feel like donating your money to a team of scam artists, avoid Hashincome.

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