HashMart is a simple, yet cost-efficient cloud mining service that aims at increasing the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and subsequently resulting in their mass adoption by highlighting the convenience and benefits of cryptocurrencies to a wider audience.

HashMart offers its Bitcoin mining services from its data centers located in Siberia. The main reason for locating the mining equipment in Siberia is the country’s low electricity cost and its cold climate automatically acts as a cooler for the miners. The Data centers utilize Bitmain’s mining equipment that integrate the Latest ASIC chip technology as well as air and immersion-cooling technology that offers maximum performance at low cost.

Currently, HashMart only supports the mining of Bitcoin through the SHA-256 algorithm. However, in the future, the platform will undergo some enhances to enable it support most of the cryptocurrencies in the market.

How to Mine on HashMart

To begin mining on HashMart, users could purchase one of the two contract types: open-ended and close-ended. Payments for the contracts can be either in Bitcoin, bankcards, or bank transfers. The close-ended contract type has a validity period of 12 months during which the user is not required to pay any service fees or any direct mining expenses.

The Open-ended contract type does not have a specific time limit and can be sold back to other users or even HashMart. This contract involves payment of a service fee, which is paid daily, which covers for expenses such as hardware and software, communication services, electricity, monitoring and maintenance of mining equipment. The amount of service fee paid depends on the capacity that the users has purchased, for instance a greater capacity will attract a higher service fee.

Daily Payments

Payments for the mined cryptocurrencies are made daily and the first payments credited into a user’s account 24 hours after the payment for the contract is confirmed. The expected income from a mining operation depends on the complexity of Bitcoin mining, fluctuations in Bitcoin prices, and a user’s management of their coins.

However, HashMart has an expected income graph found on the homepage of its website that has all the necessary calculations regarding the expected income. The graph is based on the current rate of converting bitcoin to fiat and the complexity of the mining operation.

Benefits of mining on HashMart

Monitoring of the Mining Operation

Through the dashboard that has clear, concise, and transparent statistics, users could monitor their mining operation in real time in a comprehensive and easy manner.

Cost Efficient

By using the HashMart cloud mining services, users will no longer be required to purchase the mining hardware, which are in most cases capital intensive. Similarly, the Open-ended contract is cost efficient, as it does not attract a service fee.

Instantaneous Mining

Mining begins immediately after confirmation of payments and there are daily payments that can be withdrawn to a user’s wallet at no additional costs.

24/7 Customer Support

In case of any questions, users can contact the technical support team via email or the chat feature on the website. The customer support team is always online and willing to assist the clients regarding their questions.

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