Hashmonster, found online at Hashmonster.io, is a bitcoin mining company based in Sweden. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is HashMonster?

Hashmonster is a bitcoin mining company that offers a number of cloud mining packages. You purchase a plan from Hashmonster.io, then start mining right away.

The company advertises several unusual features. First, the company claims to pay every customer “stable earnings daily unlike our competition who gives unstable earnings.” Obviously, cryptocurrency markets are extremely unstable, and few companies are willing to guarantee profits to anyone. Hashmonster, for whatever reason, has taken a different approach and similar promises fixed daily returns.

Let’s take a closer look at how Hashmonster works.

How HashMonster Bitcoin Cloud Mining Works

Here’s the basic process you can use to sign up for Hashmonster and start mining today:

  • Step 1) Purchase a cloud-based bitcoin mining package
  • Step 2) Start mining bitcoin immediately after purchase
  • Step 3) Withdraw your mined bitcoin from your account with no fees

As with any mining operation, the more GH/s you purchase, the more mining power you’ll be able to generate.

Hashmonster also claims to offer high quality low-cost hardware run by “optimized proprietary management” software that guarantees excellent stability.

Hashmonster has a profit calculator on its official website that explains how much you can expect to earn on different mining packages. If you purchase a $10,000 mining package today, for example, then Hashmonster will pay you approximately $44 USD per day, $310 per week, and $16,000 USD per year. You’ll earn $48,600 in profit within three years.

As mentioned above, all of these prices are fixed: Hashmonster does not charge different rates based on the price of bitcoin. The company claims to give investors fixed daily profits.

As of April 2018, a $10,000 USD package from Hashmonster gives you approximately 85,000 GH/s of hashpower.

Ultimately, Hashmonster does not currently have a mining operation in place. The company, which claims to have been founded in 2013, has scheduled to launch of its bitcoin mining operation for April 2018. However, you can purchase cloud mining packages online today through Hashmonster.io.

What kind of mining equipment does Hashmonster use? Hashmonster claims to have secured a large number of Antminer S9 rigs. Hashmonster also plans to launch Ethereum mining and other operations in the future.

HashMonster HMC Token ICO Details

Hashmonster has scheduled an ICO for its “Hashmonster Token” in June 2018.

It’s unclear which purpose the token will serve. However, we assume you’ll be able to use the token to purchase cloud mining services through the company.

Who’s Behind HashMonster?

Hashmonster’s mining operation is based in Lulea, Sweden. The company chose that location because it’s ideal for bitcoin mining due to its cheap electricity and cool, northern climate. Hashmonster claims they pay just 2 cents per kWh to mine bitcoin.

Hashmonster claims to have been founded in 2013. However, the company’s timeline claims they only deployed their platform and hardware in February 2018. That timeline also shows they don’t plan to start bitcoin mining until April 2018.

Hashmonster is open and honest about its contact information. The website features two contact phone numbers for the company, a physical address, and two email addresses.

Hashmonster is owned by a Sweden-based company called MAF AG. That company has 25 staff and 100+ technicians onsite at multiple mining farms.

HashMonster Conclusion

Hashmonster is a cryptocurrency mining company that recently launched cloud mining packages for sale online. Bitcoin mining is scheduled to begin in April 2018, with packages on sale throughout the month. Hashmonster also plans to launch Ethereum mining in the near future.

The company seems to offer legitimate mining packages. However, there are a number of things that seem unusual. First, the company claims to have been founded in 2013 – but it didn’t start mining cryptocurrencies until 2018. Second, the company claims to offer guaranteed daily profit to users – something that is virtually impossible to guarantee in the volatile world of cryptocurrency mining.

Aside from these issues, however, Hashmonster seems to be a legitimate company. The company is open and honest about its contact information and other aspects of the company. However, you may want to wait for more information to come online before you send money to the company.

You can learn more about Hashmonster by visiting online today at Hashmonster.io.

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