HashNET Tolar

Tolar is new cryptocurrency community developed using an open source code that is scalable, secure, faster than Bitcoin and has fair and transparent transactions for all the people involved in its ecosystem.

This crypto will have interchain support with popular blockchains. It will allow decentralized apps and be able to comprehend many programming languages while using very low energy, which makes it cheaper overall.

What Is HashNET Tolar Token?

This new token uses HashNET, a new blockchain that was created to be faster and more secure than the other ones which are in the market right now. By using a distributed ledger and a consensus algorithm, this network is able to make more than 200,000 transactions per second, which is considerably faster than Bitcoin, for instance.

Tolar uses a proof of stake system that creates masternodes to run the system on unlike proof of work systems that use miners. This can help the company to not need to spend so much energy to make transactions.

The main goal while this new ledger was being created was to design something that would have fewer scalability issues. If you take some of the most popular cryptos as an example, some of them are simply not prepared to make more than 10 transactions in a second. The future will need more complex blockchains.

Also, in this blockchain, the user will not be able to manipulate the consensus order and it does not require miners. As any blockchain, it is also very secure. HashNET is compatible with mobile devices and completely decentralized.

How HashNET Tolar Token Community Governed Crypto Works

This token uses a new governance system known as the Magnus Consilium. By using this system, both stakeholders and investors are able to vote on any type of change that has a chance of being implemented in the company’s system. When there is a proposal, people will have to vote on it to determine whether or not it will pass.

If a proposal has the majority of the votes, it is basically passed and the network will start to implement it. The solutions have to follow a certain criteria to actually be voted. This was done to prevent votation of many useless proposals that would not be actually useful for the network.

The proposal, to be actually voted, need to have a social impact, keep the decentralization of the platform and add value to the community. Usefulness and extensiveness of the proposals will also be taken into account. People who actually are able to set up ideas for the votes will be rewarded with tokens.

Stakers are essential to how Tolar will work, so people will receive an interest if they stake their tokens to help the network. This way, they will have a clear monetizable interest to enable them to keep supporting the network.

HashNET Tolar Token & ICO Details

The company has been planning an Initial Coin Offering for the third quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, it is just way too early for us to speculate more with some degree of certainty about the price of the tokens.

The Tolar tokens will be listed on exchanges at the end of 2018, when the mobile wallet will also be launched. The main HashNET chain will be released on the second quarter of 2019 and future developments of the company predict the use of smart contracts and quantum resistant cryptography.

Who Is Behind HashNET Tolar Token?

This initiative was developed by Josip Maricevic, which is acting as the CTO of the company. His main co-worker is Drazen Kapusta, principal of Tolar. Board members include Zoran Dordevic, Budimir Milic, Terence Tse, Alan Kuresevic, Jeffrey Treichel and Sasa Pekec.

The technical team has Andrej Brodnik, Ales Tomazin, Martin Zagar, Sasa Zorc, Srdan Maksimovic, Kristijan Rebernisak, Vedran Novoselac, Vinko Bradvica, Igor Jerkovic and Sandi Fatic. The advisors are Manuel Alonso Coto and Peter Merc.

HashNET Tolar Token Verdict

Tolar seems to have a decent technology. In fact, the technology of the company seems to be considerably better than the Bitcoin one, for instance. This company can actually succeed, although we still do not have enough information to be 100% positive that Tolar will, in fact, become a major crypto player or at least be very profitable.

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