A dog has been known to be a man’s best friend for many centuries. What if you could have one on the internet? It is exactly what HashPuppies wants to be for you.

It is a program that has been developed to be your best friend, but not out in the yard but in the blockchain platform. If this has just enticed you a little, read on to find out more about this new program.

What Is HashPuppies?

HashPuppies is a new app and also a gaming experience that has been developed with a number of features. It has been designed to be your go-to app in the blockchain technology, definitely the new man’s best friend in this ever-growing technological world. Very soon, this new app that will keep everyone buzzing about will be on the NEO smart economy platform, it is definitely something you should look out for.

HashPuppies NEO Smart Economy Game Experience Features

The company has developed three enticing features that will keep you glued to this new app and gaming experience. These features are as follows;

Breed –

Each HashPuppy on the platform has been designed with its own genetic code. These codes will affect the personality of the dog and also the appearance, just like the different breeds of dogs we have around. In the event that two puppies mate, this might lead to both fostering secret traits, something to look forward to.

Raise –

These puppies should be cared for as you would care for your own dog in the real world, this is your virtual dog it is definitely one that you should treasure. So your puppy will need to be taken for regular walks and also play with them to make them feel loved. If you don't give your puppy the required attention, they could get lonely.

Compete –

You will also be required to train your puppy; you definitely want your dog to be the best, so take the time to train him. Ensure you bring him to the various awards that will be running and of course aim to win the prizes. We know you are looking to take home the golden trophy so ensures your dog is discipline and has a unique style.

It definitely sounds like something interesting to get into.

HashPuppies Conclusion

The company is hopeful about this new project that is creative and different. And we definitely think it is one of a kind platform that you should join. It will soon be on the NEO Smart economy as the various contracts have been sent and drafted on the Neo testnet. Which later the agreement will be deployed to Mainnet and the site will then be open to the public.

Not forgetting to mention the company will also launch an app, which will help you take your best friend on the go. Sounds something to get into so why not sign up and start owning a cute puppy on this platform.

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