Hashter.io is new mining company which offers to the users that register on its site the opportunity to buy hash power and pay to get mined Bitcoin. The company claims to have “5 years combined” of Bitcoin mining experience and has servers located in Europe, the southern part of Africa and Australia.

The company offers up to 11% daily earning forever, which is a lot compared to what you can by traditional investments (around 11% in a whole year) or even Bitcoin. Because of this, you just have to ask yourself if this company is a scam before you invest in it. Should you give Hashter.io a chance? Discover in our review.

How To Invest In Hashter.io?

First, open your account following the instructions on the company’s site and then you have to deposit Bitcoin. The minimum amount that you can invest is 0.0015 BTC and you can withdraw your money after you have 0.0003 BTC every 24 hours, which means that you have to wait a full day before you can withdraw after you’ve done it.

If you invite someone, you can get 10% of the mining power bought by this person. When we browsed the site, the company was offering 100 GH/s free hash power to the people who registered.

The personal information that you give to the company will be protected with a 256-bit SSL and server encryption, the company assures.

Is Hashter.io A Scam?

We are not sure about whether Hashter.io is really a company that you should be wary of or not. Yes, it might be a scam, but we do not have clear indications of that aside from the fact that some of this mining businesses are scams.

However, if you cannot be 100% sure that a company is safe, it can be a good idea to consider that this is not a safe company for you to invest.

The Haster.io Conslusion

Try to avoid Haster.io and other companies that offer miraculous returns on investment. There is a small chance that these returns are real and, even in this case, in which we did not find many red flags, it can still be very risky to invest in this companies, so avoid doing this and your money will probably be a lot safer that way.

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