Hashing power is the power that a computer or hardware uses to run and solve different hashing algorithms. These algorithms are used for generating new cryptocurrencies and allowing transactions between them, in a process popularly known as mining. Crypto mining continues to grow with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Buyers pay to rent hashing power in cryptocurrencies and those cryptocurrencies are paid to the sellers when they forward the hashing power. Hashtoken operates in this domain with a vision to create a platform where hashing power can be bought for Hashtokens.

What Is Hashtoken?

Hashtoken is a project based on crowd crypto mining where the tokens can be used to purchase hashing power from various platforms. It is a waves hosted crypto asset, which can be traded freely among its users. All that is required to send or receive Hashtoken is to create a wallet a waveswallet. Although primarily used to buy hashing power, it can be implemented on trading websites too.

The tokens were sold in batches of 2 pre sales and 1 crowd sale. Hashing power can be purchased in the ratio of 170% return per token. Maximum profit ratio which includes pre sale bonuses and ethereum price growth is calculated to 400%. The funds collected by pre sale and crowd sale will be used for hardware and real estate purchase and farm completion. The tentative date of launch of hashing power distribution is first week of July, 2018.

Hashtoken Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Investment Token Features

  1. Waves wallet compatible: Established on the WAVES platform, Hashtoken assets are easy to send and trade.
  2. Funding: Total goal for Hashtoken project funding(hardcap) is set to $5.3 million. Pre sales are hard capped at $500000 equivalent in Ethereum.
  3. Ethereum mining: Ethereum is chosen as the primary currency for mining as ethereum is one of the most profitable and established currency out there. A total of 7 mining farm is planned, each outputting 140GHS of Hash power.
  4. Distribution of Hashing power: Purchase of hashing power will be made exclusively with hashtokens. Payments will be monthly as real time mining payouts will be an unviable option.
  5. Active support: The diligent customer support team is ready to answer any queries any time of the day. They can also be contacted on their Facebook or Twitter.

Liquid Ethereum Saving Solution

Hashtoken is implementing a new, never before seen solution in their ICO sales. Many potential investors face a dilemma of deciding whether to invest in cryptocurrency saving based on price growth or to invest in new crypto assets. Hashtoken has come up with a solution that benefits both. All funds raised will be held in Ethereum until the final crowdsale end date. This way each investor is looking at a much better profit ratio and with no potential loss from Hashtoken’s part.

HashToken Conclusion

The final days of the ICO is going on and many early investors are on board on this token. Payments can be made via Paypal, ETH or BTC. Paypal fees are 20% for every purchase where as Bitcoin or Ethereum purchases do not have any transaction charge. You can learn more about Hashtoken or purchase it from here: hashtoken.net/

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