It is evident that startups are always in search of excellent opportunities to get off the ground. One such example is the rise in ICO ventures that are proving more efficient as a venture capital route. As opposed to our traditional funding ICO offer a rather simple way from where a company can provide its cryptocurrency in exchange for shares.

Although the ICO trend is picking up steam, not all startups are wise to investigate on how best to launch their ICO. Like the typical initial public offering, an ICO also needs a clear marketing strategy. However, the ICO concept is entirely new to most entrepreneurs, and they may wonder how they can communicate to their investors on the details of the venture before making that final decision. If you are in such a position with your ICO, you can always seek the ICO marketing firms that work to create a foothold for your company.

What is Havas Blockchain?

Creating a sense that your ICO will exist in the long haul is always a challenge. But the main point of concern is how to communicate with your investors. Havas blockchain offers a robust communication solutions platform for business looking to utilize the power of ICO. The blockchain supports ICOs by combining their global communication background (The Havas Group) to enable a more sustainable ICO environment. That means Havas blockchain is a marketing and communications services for entrepreneurs aiming to have qualitative ICO projects that will guarantee success.

What they are offering

The goal to provide a transformative communication solution for ICOs and blockchain projects will entail Havas blockchain working to achieve it through the following features

Strategic support

As a leader in the ad markets and media services, Havas blockchain will help structure an ICO communication model to allow for more relevant media targeting, open blockchain operation, and better implementation of the ICO roadmap

Global outreach

The HAVAS blockchain in combination with their global communication consortium, AMO, will provide media training, monitoring, and communication tools to support a better awareness of the marketing campaigns for the ICOs.

Design and creation tools

While marketing is the main point of concern, Havas blockchain will also help to develop more innovative communication portals and content that is visually appealing to the investors. That will include designing social media content, videos, interviews, written and visual content

Benefits to listing an ICO with Havas Blockchain

It is evident that not most people are conversant with ICOs and in general how to invest in them. However, for an ICO hiring Havas Blockchain could prove more beneficial than formulating an in-house communications team. When you engage Havas blockchain, you worry less about your ICO's marketing strategies and can reap a variety of benefits such as

  • Financial benefits as it reduces the overall cost
  • Professionalism in the communication strategies and tactics
  • Better marketing results and outcomes
  • Variety of methods and tactics

Is Havas different from other ICO solutions?

There are plenty of communication solutions that promise of helping ICOs. However, Havas Blockchain is the first platform backed by an actual media and ad company, Havas Group. The upshot is that Havas blockchain is unique as it already works with real service. And with ICOs proving an idea for more entrepreneurs to consider, Havas blockchain could impact ICOs.

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