Hawala.Today HAT ICO Review

Hawala.Today has been designed as a P2P exchange for crypto-fiat exchanges nearly instantly and securely from any part of the world. Using the apps discover mode, buyers and sellers of digital currency are able to connect locally with just one tap. There will be no intermediaries, allowing users to exchange cash for crypto with each other. The app, which is based on the ethereum blockchain will provide support for all ERC20 tokens, including ether upon its release.

Some Of The Features of Hawala.Today

One of the unique features of Hawala.Today is real-time P2P transactions. It is the only app in existence in the world today. Thus, if you need digital coins right now and someone else needs cash, you can close the deal in just a single tap.

Another great feature of this app is the ability to conduct international money transfers. With this app, you can be able to send your ERC20 assets to any ERC20 compatible address in the world. Instead of conducting a local search, you can simply enter the recipient's address into the wallet and send the funds to anywhere in the world.

The other unique and interesting feature is Cash Cards. For many countries around the world, the financial system is either too inefficient or too conservative. With the Hawala Cash Cards, users will be able to purchase crypto and use them to make payments. This system could turn out to be the savior for those in places around the world where the financial system has not reached.

Motivation For This Project

Despite the unprecedented success of Bitcoin, the world of crypto coins has only gained the attention of investors in recent times. In fact, most of the world understands little about crypto beyond blockchain, ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The creators of the project believe that the blockchain is the future. They thus came up with a project that would make it easy to access crypto by anyone. They hope to achieve this by breaking down a long process into just a few taps on a mobile device. By doing so, they hope to make financial services accessible to a huge portion of the world that cannot access them.

The Hawala.Today HAT ICO Token

There will be a total supply of 7 million HAT. The tokens will come with an initial supply of 2.5 million tokens. The Hawala.Today exchange comes with a new incentive model called the Incentive for Stake. This model is quite similar to the proof of stake model. Via this model, staking leads to the minting of new tokens. After the release of the initial supply of 2.5 million tokens, every year more tokens will be released starting at a 15% rate and drop to just 7% within 10 years. This will go on until the 7 million cap has been arrived at.

This model is designed to allow the community stake their own tokens and get rewards that are proportional to the HAT they stake. Thus, all minted coins after the initial supply will only go to the token holders until the seven million cap has been hit.

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