Back in the day, we only had to rely upon only a handful of contact to get products or services that we were to purchase. However, the rise of the internet and in particular e-commerce quickly changed the scene to creator online retailers with a global reach that we had not seen before. The downside is that these e-commerce marketplaces have underlying challenges that are proving difficult to solve. Some of the most common include monopoly, unfair competition, insecurity, fraud and much more irregularities.

Fast forward to today, and still, the same problems are facing the e-commerce industry. Fortunately, blockchain technology is offering unlimited opportunities for customers and traders in need of a much secure and convenient marketplace. If you fall into such a category, the HAZEIAN might be of interest your crypto endeavors.

What Is Hazeian?

HAZEIAN is an open blockchain marketplace that will allow users to join and create their trade exchanges from where they can trade an unlimited number of goods or services. HAZEIAN will further enable the creation of any kind of decentralized marketplace including online stores, payment processors, auction sites, e-commerce platforms, trading platforms, ticket and event booking. Each user will get the benefit of the marketplaces without having to know the basics of blockchain technology or smart contract.

Hazeian Decentralized Crypto Trading Exchange Four Layers

Hazeian Exchange-

Built to increase the value of the HZN token plus facilitate the trading of digital currency. Hazeian exchange will allow trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, HZN token and all other ERC20 tokens.

Hazeian Connects-

As the central structure of the Hazeian network, Hazeian connect the primary resource that facilitates the creation and management of the marketplaces. Each marketplace is run through a management console for the market owner to configure their market platforms to their desire.

Hazeian Core-

The foundation of the Hazeian network is its core, which acts as its building block. Its facilities all the smart contracts within the system including core contract, market contract, and escrow contract.

Hazeian Token-

The primary currency of the platform will facilitate the exchange process and pay for any fees charged during the trades.

Hazeian Benefits


Rather than create your marketplace from scratch, Hazeian provides for tools that will assist you in building the necessary features for your trading platforms

A Large Number Of Applications-

Using the HZN token through the marketplace can facilitate different transactions or processes including online trading payment processing, auctioneering, real-time booking, e-commerce, escrow services and marketing.

No Need Use Of A Wallet-

Rather than relying on the Hazeian wallet only users can hold their tokens in any ERC20 portfolio available.

Relatively Low Fees-

Compared to traditional online marketplace the Hazeian offers a cheaper option out of regular technology for servers, security and other elements that go into e-commerce sites.

Hazeian HZN Token ICO Details

The Hazeian token HZN is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain. Members of Hazeian can purchase HZN tokens with a 20% discount during their pre-ico which starts 05/9/18 through 05/15/18. The main-ico will start on 05/16/18 and run through 6/13/18.

Hazeian Conclusion

There are plenty of positives that come with the decentralized marketplace, and Hazeian has plenty of such characters. However, critics of the blockchain marketplaces do emphasize that although the platforms do offer an extra advantage, they are borderline centralized since they rely on a single network. In conclusion, decentralized marketplaces such as Hazeian do challenge the existing trading system. However, they are not always efficient in genuinely distributing the power to the users.

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