Hdac, South Korean blockchain-based IoT contract and payment platform, has recently unveiled the first ever blockchain advertisement. The timing on the company’s part is perfect, as the mass population got to see the ad during the World Cup Series covered by Russia.

Based on the claims made by the company, the ads will be played during halftimes, and on a channel called Eurosport. Chung Dae-sun, a close relative of the CEO of Hyundai, a well-established car company, is supposedly the one to have created Hdac and believes that this startup can help to enhance security and payment processes altogether.

Hdac also believes that the embedded technology can increase ease-of-use, while making day-to-day activities far more efficient, which is a factor that many suffer to control. According to the ad, whether it be controlling how much energy or water was used, the Hdac technology is a viable solution.

As a response to the growing concern of scalability and the protection of data within the field of IoT, Hdac believes that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the way to go, as it promotes increased control, better communication, and proper listing of transactions onto ledgers.

Hdac has recently gained some while lost others. Namely, the company managed to raise approximately USD$260 million during its DAC token sale. Unfortunately, Hdac was also hacked in its mining pool. It appears that the company did not take the hack seriously, stating that it brought “no liability because the mining pool is decentralized”.

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