HD Group, which is a leading privately-owned technology and communication service provider in New Zealand, plans to launch HDCoin to raise funds for its business ventures. The company has thus far had very impressive annual growth. This coin will offer investors an opportunity to be part of an already existing business.

HDCoin Has A Huge Potential For Growth

The HD Group has experienced exceptional growth since its inception. It started as a startup a decade ago and has continued to experience growth since then. They already have a steady plan for growth in the next four years. Among some of the other projects, they will launch an ICO exchange and a SaaS accounting platform. These projects will ensure that it continues to be profitable well into the future.

HDCoin Is Future Oriented

The intention of HD Group is to create an ecosystem around crypto trading and the blockchain. Besides that, they intend to offer turnkey services for those that intend to launch ICOs. It also intends to use all funds raised from the ICO to expand the existing marketing and business activities.

HDCoin HDC Token Crypto-Equity Opportunity Benefits

The upcoming HDCoin ICO is based on minority shareholding in the HD Group company. HD Coin limited is going to own a 10 percent share in HD Group. It intends to issue a billion HDCoin, which will be representative of shares held. The holders of HDCoin will thus be beneficiaries of this shares and will be entitled to dividends generated.

A BuyBack And Burn Policy

When HD Group has declared profits, the net tax dividends are going to be utilized to buy back and burn HD Coin. This will be achieved via a proof of burn function present in ERC-20 protocol. This will ensure that they can never be traded by anyone.

Commercial Real Estate

HD Group possesses freehold commercial property in one of the flourishing business districts of Auckland. The replacement value of these assets, which include a data center and other fixed assets has been valued at about NZ $3 million.

There Are No Reserved Coins

HD Coin limited does not intend to hold HDCoin tokens in reserve. The market is going to own 100 percent of all the HDCoin that will be issued. That means there will be no opportunity for HD Coin limited to manipulate and bend the market to their will.


Transparency is going to be an important aspect of the ICO. For instance, the shareholding of the company involved is public. HD Coin limited itself is a shareholder in the HD Group. It is going to be entitled to access and will receive information related to the group. This information will be published regularly on a blog for the HDCoin holders to read.

HDCoin Is Based In New Zealand

HD Group is a company based in New Zealand, a country that is currently ranked seventh on the World Justice Project Rule of Law index. On the world ease of business index, the country was ranked number one for 2017.

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