Health FX

Health FX is a company that intends to become the standard of the future of healthcare when blockchain technology is applied to it. By using machine learning, AI and the blockchain, this company plans to empower the users with their own medical data, which can lead to a simplification process of taking care of your health.

This company might be only a start-up at the moment, but it has already received the Best Practices and Growth Excellence Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.

About Health FX

The creators of the company decided to create Health FX because the industry needed modern solutions for problems like optimization of records management, patient-practitioner matching and insurance claims in the health industry.

With the help of smart contracts and a vast network of medical professionals, the team intends to diminish the health care costs, improve the quality of the patient treatment and the security and efficiency of the treatments in this whole field.

The main values of Health FX are quality, efficiency and security while offering services. That is why they decided that the blockchain technology was the right answer for to solve this problem in the industry.

How Health FX Blockchain AI Machine Learning Medical Care Works

Basically, the main function of this company is finding a good way to store information about people’s health by using the blockchain and thus letting them share it with whoever they want whenever they need to. As the costs and the complexity of these systems are increasing, people are impacted and need new solutions.

By gathering a list of professionals and data about the customers, Health FX is able to cut the middlemen and all the inefficiencies of the system and let people access professionals directly and use their medical records better.

Health FX HFX Token ICO Details

The HFX tokens are utility tokens that can be used by the clients of the company whenever they need to pay for the services of the Health FX platform. The tokens will be sold on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The maximum supply of HFX tokens is 38,000,000 tokens. The price is 0.20 USD per token and both ETH and BTC are going to be accepted at the sale.

The private sale is happening right now with private investors and it will last until July 7 and the pre-sale starts on July 14 to 29 (this phase will have discounts). The main phase will be held during September 8 to 30.

About 60% of the money raised during the ICO will be used on the development of the platform, 20% on marketing, 15% on operations and 5% in legal costs. After the sale, you will be able to get HFX tokens on exchanges on the internet.

Who Is Behind Health FX?

The team of this company is composed by Varun Panjwani (CEO), Charley Zuidinga (COO), Vipula Samarakoon (CTO), Nizam Ismail (legal and compliance), Ami Mandel (head of marketing), Thomas Masterson (head of business development), Oliver Budgen (head of public relations), Rosalin Suld (customer service manager) and Vinay Divra (project manager).

Other important members of the Health FX team are Nitin Kumar (senior blockchain developer) and Deepak Singh, which are on blockchain team of the company.

The advisors are Timothy Low, Jacob Thomas, Vincent Chia, Laura Nelson Carney, Ria Hoban, Adrian, Dilshaad Ali, Sadi Narasimhan, Romeo Lledo and Rishi Ramchandani.

Health FX’s partners are Merck Investments, Omni Hospitals, BIMC Hospital, Gleneagles, Bangkok Hospital, Parkway Shenton, Fortis, KPJ Healthcare, Bernstein, BNH Hospital, MAstercard, Farrer Park Hospital, MMI Holdings, Mayapada Hospital and many others.

Health FX Conclusion

This company will offer the type of service that has the potential to really make a difference in the health field. Many people need health services around the world, so making them cheaper and easier to access will probably let this company carve its place in the market and obtain excellent results from its investments on the platform.

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