HealthCombix is a global decentralized healthcare development company that seeks to change the healthcare ecosystem by promoting interoperable data exchange, while still preserving digital privacy. Healthcombix incorporates human data asset management, disease prediction analysis, and decentralized payments to build on an emerging healthcare model.

What Does HealthCombix Offer?

HealthCombix is setting out to create a new ecosystem, and by doing so creating a new economy as well. A blockchain approach to healthcare is the standing platform that the ecosystem is built off, allowing:

  • Effective management of health populations
  • Decentralized digital identity
  • Data sharing that is private and efficient
  • Real-time, person to person interaction and telemedicine
  • Elimination of middlemen and intermediates clouding up the network
  • Effective behavior management and reward systems such as the Crypto- Incentive program developed alongside PointNurse.

Token-Based Healthcare And Risk Management Platform

The global decentralized healthcare network platform is based off blockchain technology. The key focus is to displace the middlemen in the way of efficiency in the healthcare system. This include healthcare administration, risk managers, and supply-chain intermediates that stand in the way of patient data and healthcare choices.

This platform allows multiple parties to have access to the data, including the patient. The main benefits from this type of model are abundant. The displacement of these intermediates is expected to cause an $880 billion shift toward the right shareholders, such as the consumer or the health team. This shift then contributes $100 billion to the future ecosystem.

Eliminating The Middlemen

Lack of efficiency is one of the biggest problems in the current healthcare ecosystem. The exchange of data is more complex than it needs to be, and patients do not have much control over their healthcare choices and access to their information.

The outline of the framework is planned as follows:

  1. Phase 1
    1. Core capabilities
      1. Consent & privacy
      2. Key security

Privacy and digital identity are an important part of the framework. Building trust and keeping private information private plays a major role in this ecosystem.

  1. Ecosystem stockholders
    1. Providers
    2. accreditors
  1. Phase 2
    1. Core capabilities
      1. Assistant manager
      2. Interoperable
    2. Ecosystem stockholders
      1. Developers
      2. Patients
  2. Phase 3
    1. Core capabilities
      1. Data layer
      2. Disease Prediction
    2. Ecosystem stockholders
      1. Liquidity providers
      2. Research
  3. Phase 4
    1. Core capabilities
      1. Micropayment
      2. Smart contracts
    2. Ecosystem stockholders
      1. Caregivers
      2. Regulators

The HealthCombix Team

Healthcombix has a diverse team that is steadily growing. The team consists of individuals from multiple different backgrounds, and in various professions.

  • Developers
  • Doctors and clinicians
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Healthcare Providers

Each team member brings a special set of skills and experience to the table that may differ from others in the groups. The sharing of different ideas from different minds is what makes for a comprehensive plan.

HealthCombix Conclusion

HealthCombix is moving towards a leading role in the emerging blockchain– based approach to healthcare that seems to be the right direction for the future. The current healthcare ecosystem is not reaching the full scope of its potential by incorporating Iot and machine learning.

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