Hedera Hashgraph DLT Will Power WinFlow Profit Sharing Sportsbook

WinFlow, a sports betting platform that uses ledger technology to offer transparent betting and products, has decided to run its platform, a decentralized application on the Hedera Hashgraph Network.

WinFlow has been created with the intentions of solving three main industry related problems, which are the lack of accountability and transparency, meaningful rewards programs or compensation to losing players and product innovation.

Ultimately, using Hedera Hashgraph Network, can potentially disrupt the traditional incumbents in the multi-billion-dollar market, by maximizing factors like security, fairness, and transparency to name the least. Furthermore, the Network can enhance the live betting platform, increase transaction throughput, while ensuring that the associated fees are as minimized.

CEO and Founder of WinFlow’s, Matt Ricci strongly believes that Hashgraph can solve the limitations of this respective industry. He goes on to state:

“the distributed network will allow WinFlow to optimize its efficiency with minimal increase to our expenses as we scale, creating an operating model that is sustainable and will only improve over time.”

WinFlow’s will also be issuing its dual tokens, WIN and wEURO on its platform. WIN will supposedly be issued to contributors in the fundraising campaign and can be used for making bets, which can eventually bring rewards to users. However, the wEURO token will be pegged to the value of the Euro fiat currency and can only be used for bets within the WinFlow network.

In addition to the dual tokens, as a mean of solving a growing problem in the sports betting industry, WinFlow will also be providing products including a Sportsbook, ScoreRush, Flashbets and WinCast.

For the time being, the project is said to commence its distributions in early May 2018. Future plans include, developing its core pre-match betting platform and acquiring a European sports betting license.

Currently, the United States has a ban on sports betting, and if this ban is overturned by the U.S Supreme Court, then WinFlow will also work towards applying for the state licenses.

For more updates, join WinFlow’s telegram at: https://winflow.bet/#home


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