What Is Hedging.Network?

Hedging Network is a decentralized financial derivatives trading platform in which you can use cryptos to invest in this market. This company has developed an exchange based on the EOS platform.

The company states that this market is growing recently, so it can be a great idea to start investing and that is why the platform was created. As many assets are starting to become tokenized, this can be the perfect chance to use tokens to invest in financial derivatives.

How Hedging Decentralized Financial Derivatives Trading Works

The company connects the global financial derivatives market by using the blockchain technology and tokenizing it. This way, it provides opportunities for people without formal credit to invest in these assets without even needing to centralized the process.

The blockchain ensures that this can be done on a large scale and with minimum costs. This is the reason why scalability is an option and the company will possibly grow without problems of having full servers.

All the transactions are made on-chain on the EOS blockchain platform. This platform was chosen because of its low cost of maintenance and its good performance, which is required to work in a global market.

This way, the company plans to create a space environment in which it can be able to trade assets easily without having to worry about the many problems that one could have by not using this kind of technology

At the moment, this company does not have a sale or anything of the sort planned.

Who Is Behind Hedging?

The company does have a section for its team on the site, but it does not say the name of a single person. This is always a bad sign which is aggravated by the fact that there are links that are working on this section. The LinkedIn icon is just an image, for instance.

If you look at news about the company, you will also notice that they lead nowhere. This indicates that this company has high chances of actually being a scam and not a real company.

Hedging.Network Verdict

We advise you to stay away from the Hedging Network. While we are not sure that this company is a scam, there are heavy indications that this might be the case, so you might want to look for a more secure option instead of investing in this one.


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