What Is HEdpAY?

HedPay is a brainchild project of IBIG Investments Ltd Company, which started in 2014 in the financial services sector. HedPay was founded in 2017, incorporated in the UK.

At the same time, HedPay is a digital currency that enables innovative transactions between digital currency and fiat money such as the dollar, pound, and Euro.

Overview Of HEdpAY

HedPay provides convenient and fast transfer of money. It also aids payment and payment solutions, creation of online portfolios, and offers rewards on purchases for users. This eventually increases the sales to the circuit shops. HedPay has the following business objectives:

  • To act as a leader in online financial service and cryptocurrency in a global market
  • To establish and sustain relationship with relevant regulatory bodies, traders, and financial institutions of authority and their platforms
  • To deliver high quality services and commercial support to its members, partners, and users
  • To ensure sustainable profits to its loyal members and shareholders

Why Use HEdpAYBlockchain Banking Cryptocurrency Project ?

As a platform, HedPay aims at creating a community network effect around purchasing power. It seeks to improve the concepts by using its ERC-20 token-based e-currency wallet and Payment Gateway service. Besides, HedPay tokens are designed to provide suitable opportunity for its members, customers, and investors to deliver better product price through an incentive system.

HEdpAY Guaranteed ICO Price

HedPay is the first token in which the price has no discount in the friends, family, and pre-ICO phases. Those who believe in the currency will have the advantage of getting exclusive banking shares as well as free tokens, which the platform will disburse to protect the price of the currency.

Similarly, the platform will award bonuses at the third and sixth months after the coin joins the mainstream market. This becomes the first project in which all stakeholders are protected including the big and the first investors. There will be no discounts, except bonuses.

Besides, the price of HedPay currency will grow and remain more stable compared to other cryptocurrencies because users will utilize it to buy goods and services on the platform. Importantly, HedPay is developing a network of agents and outlets all over the world to enable faster spreading of the coin within the market.

HEdpAY Advantages For Users

The first advantage is the possibility to change the coin with FIAT money from the same site. This service comes in handy for users of Euro, Dollar, Sterling, and other accepted currencies. Secondly, users will enjoy the tax advantage in which they will not have to pay taxes on the capital gains of the coin when they spend or buy products online or in stores.

HEdpAY Advantage For Shopkeepers

Currently, most merchants and traders do not accept cryptocurrency because they lack faster service to accept digital currency on the market and convert it into FIAT money. Additionally, there is no reliable supply chain from the supplier to the customer depending on the same cryptocurrency. On HedPay, customers have the same services on the same platform.

HEdpAY HDP Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: HDP
  • Token Sale Date: Present – 11/30/18
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 15,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 100,000 ETH

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