Helbiz HBZ ICO Review

The sharing economy has brought people and communities together through various means. With the sharing community, people from various places have been able to share spaces, marketplaces, modes of transportation, and so much more. Now, one platform is taking the sharing economy to the next level by delivering to the sharing ecosystem a marketplace that makes the process of tapping into the sharing economy so much easier.

With that, this review would like to introduce Helbiz. According to the deliver, Salvatore Palella, the project was first designed to “reshape the peer-to-peer space to the benefit of citizens worldwide.”

What is Helbiz?

Helbiz is a new platform that promotes the sharing economy by making it easier for users to tap into the marketplace. The platform is build upon blockchain technology, which gives individuals access to various transportation services through technologies that are currently available.

For example, the platform facilitates instant confirmation that a mode of transportation is available and can be used and it makes peer-to-peer communication between the offeror and offeree much better so that both parties instantly benefit from the transaction. Currently, the platform is working on three different projects that facilitate its functionality.

The Helbiz HBZ Platforms

As previously mentioned, there are currently three different platforms that are facilitating Helbiz’s functionality. Here are the platforms that are driving his new approach to the sharing economy:

The Helbiz Application

First, the platform is building an application that can be used on both iOS and Android systems. With this application, individuals can view the options on the blockchain and thereby choose a car to rent. Once the car is chosen, it will unlock and turn on using the phone and without any human interaction whatsoever.

Keep in mind that the individual offering the vehicle will need to enable this feature for it to work. In addition, the application is able to facilitate the sale of insurance to the offeree and to third parties and payment takes place using the Helbiz coin.

The Helbiz Coin

Second, the Helbiz coin is a cryptocurrency and utility token that can be used to purchase the transportation service. The coin is meant to work for all types of transportation services so that individuals can receive the full service that they need when searching for transportation options.

Helbiz Mobility System

Finally, the Helbiz Mobility System is a platform that works on the Ethereum blockchain. This system is designed to provide mobility-related services from companies that are looking to build on the platform. One common company that individuals are bound to see on this system is insurance.

With these features, those who use the Helbiz Platform can count on tapping into a “new world” of mobility and sharing. The system is designed to appeal to individuals of all ages.

Helbiz HBZ ICO Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in tapping into a new platform that gives better access to the sharing economy in the area of transportation may want to visit the Helbiz website today. The ICO is currently in the presale phase, so it may be useful to participate now.

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  1. Helbiz kicked people out of HBZ telegram official chanel and bounty chanel whoever complained about their lack of delays.
    This is really non-sense situation, can’t understand how you treat people.
    We will report to SEC and FTC, also to US Justice Department.


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