What Is Helex Token?

Helex token is a new Ethereum based token, the point of it is to connect the network blockchain to the real-world. And further to enable the use of the token for making major purchases all over the world, for some of the most luxurious products and services.

How Does Helex HLX Token Work?

The tokens can be used for a multitude of different reasons. They are not just regular tokens for buying a cup of coffee at your local shop. Instead the tokens are designed to be used for major purchases. And from the looks of it, extremely high-end ones that are luxurious, expensive and often exclusive or rare.

For example, the Helex Token can be used to purchase private islands all over the world. This particular service will only be available come the fourth quarter of 2018. Along with private islands, you can even use the tokens to buy citizenship to certain countries starting in the first quarter of 2019.

And as of now, the token can be used to buy luxury cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis from Dubai and Europe. You can also use it to pay for elite air services starting in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Other ways to spend the tokens include renting and buying properties all over the world. You can also use them buy diamonds from Dubai and pay for vacations, start offshore companies and other pieces of real estate all over the world.

What Is The ICO on Helex Token?

The company is currently in pre ICO and has about 25 days left until it is over. You can buy the pre-ICO tokens for the platform on the company website for a discount right now as well. The Helex token is simply a new token built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are registered in London, the United Kingdom. You can connect with them on one of the different social media platforms too like Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.

Who Is Behind Helex Token?

Even though they claim London as their base of operations, this isn’t very reassuring as London is quickly becoming the most common city claimed as the location for a company headquarters with fraudulent ICOs. And since they have no information on the team behind the scene, it’s easy to doubt everything about the platform.

One reason is, they have no information backing their claims of how they are providing the services they claim to have on the website. Until they disclose the information on the team behind the scenes, they are extremely high-risk by anyone’s standards. Still, you can see the services that are available on the website for each of the proposed product types of services they supposedly offer.

Helex HLX Token In Conclusion

Helex Token looks to be a token used to make major purchases of luxury. All of the products available on the website look downright amazing, but without any proof of actually being able to obtain them or disclosure on the team and actual physical location of the company headquarters, Helex Token looks to good to be true.

My best advice would be to avoid sending major payments of any type to the company until you can verify who the team behind Helex is and where they are from.

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