What Is Helios?

Helios mining Ltd has a developed system of solar autonomous clusters of mining that consumes directly on renewable energy sources. The platform combines solar panels, electricity storage systems, immersion cooling, self-mining, and self-learning control tools to come up with a platform that independently changes cryptocurrencies of mining based on the market situation.

HeliosCoin Solar Cryptocurrency Mining Cluster Benefits

Solar Energy

The platform uses an environmentally friendly energy for mining. This is ideal in countries that have hot climates. This form of energy does no harm to the environment and it is not characterized by wear or loss of power.


When there is inefficiency in the solar panel, batteries are used. These batteries have accumulated energy reserves that are accumulated during the day. Additionally, the batteries are efficient and long-serving.

Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling solves the existing problems of uneven cooling boards, fan noise, pollution of expensive electronic components, and the need for system repairs. This is the future of mining.

Intelligent Currency

The platform has a specially developed software that analyses the market situation in real time. This software switches the mining modes between the various currencies and achieves maximum efficiency in crypto mining.


The use of blockchain technology will allow for the untying of mining units from power supplies. This will result in the placement of autonomous systems in the most convenient places at the same time. The decentralized system will work as one.

No Legal Conditions

The platform allows different ways to connect to the internet and does not depend on electricity. Thus, the system owner is not at risk of excessive regulation by the state. The system cannot be legally disconnected from the internet or electricity.

HeliosCoin Benefits To Investors

Those who choose to invest in the platform will get the benefits below:

Bounty Program

The platform has a bounty program that will allow even the small investors to earn. Active members of the community will also be rewarded.

Special Terms For Investors

Investors that have a minimum amount of 1 million euros to invest in the platform will be offered special investment terms.

Free Power

Free power means that this is a closed circuit infrastructure for mining, which does not depend on any governmental power supply. Digital coins will be mined with no expense and the unsold electricity can be sold to the state.

Functional MVP

The investors will invest in a working, ready, and tested solar mining cluster that will generate daily income for them.

Income Growth

Investors will help the platform to grow leading to more solar stations that will produce more power.  Increased power will see more miners join the platform. More miners will lead to increased cryptocurrencies and eventually more money for the investors.

Automatic Cryptocurrency Choice

The developers of the platform are creating a special algorithm that will automatically switch mining processes to a more profitable coin to mine in some market periods. This will increase profitability in mining.

HeliosCoin HLC Token ICO Details

The HLC token is an Ethereum token on the ERC-20 standard. The token holders will get 100% revenue from the Helios mining operation in two stage. The first stage gives the investor 75% revenue paid immediately while the second stage will see 25% of the revenue invested in future payments. The token sale will be on 1st July 2018 to 1st October 2018. Each token is valued at 1 HLC=0.001 ETH. The accepted payment options include BTC, BTG, BTH, ETH, LTC, Transfer, and wire.


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