Helixhills HILL

What Is Helixhills?

Helixhills is a company that is using the blockchain infrastructure in its bid to assist professional consultants, service providers, and consumers automate the algorithms they use for selecting preferred business partners, as well as in completing deals.

It also intends to help them record improved interaction times, and bill the responsible parties using the right tariffs. Its platform will also be used to provide reliable users with the loans they need to grow their businesses. Its token is one that will be backed by one of the most popular and in-demand resources in the world—professional expertise.

Problems Helixhills Seeks To Solve

At the moment, close to fifty percent of global demand for services is yet to be satisfied. The main reason why this has not been met is attributed to the fact that consumers have limited capabilities. When consumers look at the problems that come with obtaining services, they normally choose to not obtain the services, regardless of how much they require them.

Many of the restrictions that are currently being encountered by the consumers have something to do with specialization, time, functions, territory, payments, finances, and administrative units. All the solutions that are currently available or being proposed tend to come with one shortcoming or another.

The Helixhills Blockchain Freelancing Service Market Solution

Helixhills intends to come up with a platform that can do away with all these shortcomings. By joining them, you get to experience easy-going cooperation between service providers and consumers. It is a cooperation that comes about through the use of smart contracts that enable users to get into agreements with buyers, sellers, and third-parties where necessary.

Its ecosystem will back a platform where smart contracts get used as intended. As a result, its tokens will hold the value of real money. This is money that is to be secured through the use of human resources, which according to studies indicate that they are the most demanded resources on earth.

The use of the smart contracts is beneficial in that it does not signify the implementation of a concept that may be subjective. Instead, it is a representation of a desire to be among the first people to embody something or an idea that should have been implemented a long time ago, and one that is now under development as society is ready for it.

Helixhills HILL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Presale start date (PreICO): IS NOW LIVE
  • Main sale date (ICO): OCT 27, 2018 13-00 GMT+0
  • Soft cap: 2 000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 40 000 ETH
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Ticker: HILL
  • General release: 100,000,000 HILL

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