5 Blockchain Technology Projects

Blockchain technology is changing the game, and the way technology operates in the world. The distributed systems running on decentralized networks have no single base of operations. They are fail-safe, scalable, economical, secure and run on self-governance. Right now, is the first time the world has seen such systems, able to scale at unreal rates, while staying completely democratic.

Blockchain is disruptive but highly misunderstood, most people who think they understand it simply don’t. Most businesses who believe they need it, don’t. The breakthrough technology is an important advancement for the entire world, but many businesses still currently operate better without it. Even so, there are plenty that can benefit from blockchain technology, eventually all most likely will as well. Below you will see a top list of the best blockchain companies disrupting the world right now.

Hashgraph – Supporting Network Infrastructure

Leemon Baird invented the algorithm that changed the world of blockchain. Hashgraph is an entirely different platform than blockchain, an alternative that doesn’t face the same challenges of speed, scaling, cost or security. Hashgraph is providing the same basic features as blockchain and more without the issues found on the older technology.

After all, Bitcoin is only capable of performing 5 transactions per second on its blockchain, which isn’t enough for a world as fast paced as the one we live in. The Hashgraph platform has been designed to be used with other all new distributed applications developed on the system’s open market.

It’s fast, secure, and with the public ledger system that is used, is capable of handling countless micro payments for unlimited scaling. With AI incorporated into its system, Hashgraph is one of the most widely adaptable technologies in the world, ready for mainstream usage.

Basic Attention Token – A Brand New Internet

A native token operating on the ERC-20 standard that can be used for transactions between every type of party you can imagine. The goal of the BAT Token is to provide quality advertising permissions to the blockchain. Advertising is kind of a hoax currently, BAT wants to change it by offering BRAVE, a browser based on Chromium which is said to provide the ultimate user experience for advertisers and general users alike.

BRAVE is essential for the optimal use of the BAT token, which is used to pay people for creating content. The platform uses an entirely new model that is said to rival some of the largest like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among others. With BAT, the middlemen companies are cut out of the equation, instead currency goes directly the advertisers who publish content.

BAT is for very long-term thinking minded people, it will be a hard road for the currency, but that is because it must compete with Facebook and Google. Luckily, the platform is more valuable for advertisers than other traditional ad platforms because of the freedom given as well as the fact the advertisers get paid directly instead of the middleman.

Skynet – The Master Of IoT Devices

The thought of a world run by machines terrifies a lot of people, even though we aren’t that far off at current state. Skynet isn’t afraid, instead looking for ways to give more autonomous power to the digital devices we use daily. An autonomously run world is the ultimate vision of the new Internet of Things, in which artificial intelligence is the decision maker in most instances.

Skynet leads the way in artificial intelligence, run by the Open Singularity Foundation, they use a system on a chip processing platform designed for AI. Scaling is not an issue with Skynet or is any other common blockchain issue. Not when using their advanced chipset and core system which has been optimized for Artificial Intelligence. The new technology is patent pending, ready for use in billions of devices in homes across the world. Free usage is another of the points made by the company who operates the system on SON which stands for Skynet Open Network. Multi chain usage capabilities are extremely effective on the system which runs on a DPoS, Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus platform.

Skynet is considered the ultimate solution for decentralized networking run by AI. With unparalleled scaling and speed, the blockchain by Skynet is faster than most others, plus is capable of self-organizing data on it. And with billions of devices all over the world ready for use, Skynet is going to be the most widely adopted IoT system on the planet.

Nano – Worldwide Currency For All

The new cryptocurrency is attempting to completely replace fiat currency, but to do so without costly fees like most others. Zero-fee & real-world applications require less time and energy, which makes it necessary for Nano to be fast and efficient, more so than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nano’s goal is to be a stabilized real money for every day use.

In terms of providing solutions not traditionally seen with older cryptocurrencies, NANO solves many problems. Scalability is no issue for NANO, nor is transaction fees associated with scaling. Unlike Bitcoin, with an average transaction time over two and a half hours long, Nano is fast and easy on electricity.

With Nano, there are benefits greater than any other payment crypto due to the platform’s block-lattice infrastructure which provides zero-fee costs with ultra-fast transaction completion times.

Nano’s internal architecture is DAG, the Directed Acyclic Graph which uses individual blockchains for each user. Block-lattice architecture used by Nano records balances rather than transactions to decrease the amounts of data stored. Different than most other cryptocurrency blockchain, users on Nano update their information, which is then translated to the block-lattice. By doing so, the platform operates via Proof of Work or Proof of Stake depending on the type of ledger required for a transaction. Nano is going to be a global currency, functioning alongside other fiat currencies like the Dollar and Yen.

PolkaDot – Blockchain Mastermind

Using an innovative custom framework, PolkaDot can support multiple cross-chain applications with varying properties like that of proof of authority chains, which are used by big business. All a company needs to do, is first communicate their required setup needs on the network for optimal functionality.

With the powerful system, members can use multichain authentication on transactions – connecting two or more blockchains – giving a pooled security protocol for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter what platform a user is on, different security protocols operate together using PolkaDot, who is creating a very real inter-chain operations system for the world to use.

With PolkaDot, a literal internet of blockchains is created with worthwhile security and communication standards operating secure transactions. Systems that are private can communicate with open-sourced ones, without the need of lowering their security or changing their terms. A new synergy is created, like the internet people use every day. Scalability, governance and interoperability are not a problem with PolkaDot, nor is the communication between private and public chains.

They seek to give the internet back to the people, along with the data shared on it – taking away the power from the larger authorities who are controlling it today – thereby reshaping the entire system we call the internet.

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