Heroes Of Ethereum

What Is Heroes Of Ethereum?

Heroes of Ethereum is a decentralized fantasy game based on smart contracts. The game has breathtaking and funny adventures composed of knights, shamans, and chiefs. Users can level up their heroes, acquire the best armors or weapons, participate in arena fights against other players or enemy hordes, and even find hidden treasures in dungeons.

The games revolves around the Kingdom of Ethereum which is about to be attacked by ancient evil that might ravage the land and destroy everything in its way. Players, therefore, have the task of recruiting the best heroes who will stand against the demonic onslaught and save the kingdom from the forces of evil.

Heroes Of Ethereum Composition

Heroes are the most vital aspect of the game. A hero’s strength is determinant on where they survive in a dungeon. Players can recruit the best heroes for battles. There are various categories of the heroes such as common, rare, epic, and legendary. The attributes of the hero depends on how rare the hero is. In some instances, players can meet legendary golden-haired heroes or even ancient orcs with hair grey as ashes.

All the heroes within the game have 11 features. Each of these features has 256 possible variations, which makes it possible for players to generate characters with unique appearances. However, currently there are only 10 out of 256 variants available in the game. More variants will be added in the future.

Heroes Of Ethereum Random Generation

Appearance is not the only distinct feature of the characters. The characters are randomly generated once they are recruited and they receive unique attribute values and modifiers to their armor and weapon skills. The attributes include Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Different classes have one main attribute, which they receive bonus to. In order to receive more bonuses players should choose weapons and armors that are appropriate to a particular character’s modifiers.

The game has a platform known as the Tavern where players can purchase pre-generated heroes that other players have put up for sale. Players can also sell their own heroes as well. All the products and heroes within the game are ERC-721 tokens.

In the future, the game will have an equipment marketplace, which will be filled with axes, swords, bows, and armors. The marketplace will enable players to equip their characters in preparation for Arena battles and dungeon exploration.

Heroes Of Ethereum Blockchain Fantasy RPG Crypto Game Benefits


As all the in-game resources are ERC-721 tokens and based on Ethereum smart contracts they cannot be stolen or blocked once a player has purchased them.

Players can also securely store their purchased heroes in the MetaMask wallet.


There are numerous variations of the heroes, which implies that users can customize their heroes according to their preference so that they appear unique.

Generation Of Revenue

Players can generate revenue by selling their generated heroes on the Tavern platform.

Heroes Of Ethereum Conclusion

Players can participate in the pre-sale in order to access unique ancient veteran heroes who are experienced battle-tested warriors, know how to user every type of weapon and possess impressive attributes. There are 300 grey-haired ancient heroes available for recruitment during the pre-sale.

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