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Heroic Token ICO: HRO Coin For Artificial Intelligence Security?

As is clear for everyone to witness, the threat of cyber crime is at an all time high. This is because most of the modern cybersecurity measures that are used by companies are either too archaic or reactive. Additionally, when looked at more closely, we can see that a vast majority of threatening data is controlled by large corporations and governments, which makes it extremely difficult to develop new safety solutions.

Heroic Token HRO is an all new crypto security platform that takes a novel approach to threat protection via the use of its AI-powered core system. From a functional standpoint, we can see that it makes use of large data sets that are highly receptive and come loaded with P2P safety protocols.

More About the Heroic Service

As per the official company whitepaper, Heroic is planning to provide the public with a wide array of next-generation protection solutions absolutely free of cost. Some of the core components of the Heroic ecosystem include:

  • Heroic Arc Reactor™: this is the company’s native ‘open threat intelligence exchange’. It allows independent developers as well as security experts to freely trade ideas and software codes so as to develop a protocol that is airtight and error free.
  • Heroic Guardian™: it is a “unified security management platform” that will be used for further research into privatization of business blockchains .

Additionally, all internal transactions have been incentivized and customers will be provided with decent returns upon regular participation.

Other Important Facets of Heroic

(i) High Level of Security:

Heroic delivers users with a high level of security through the use of proprietary protocols such as

  • Threat Mining
  • Cyberlytics™
  • Proof-of-Threat™

(ii) Development Ground:

The Heroic ecosystem serves as a ripe innovation ground for a wide array of dApps.

(iii) Open Source:

The API used by the core governance system is open source based and is blockchain-powered. As a result of this, it is able to provide a high level of threat protection, as well as eliminate unwanted friction and costs incurred due to third-party intermediaries.

Why Choose Heroic Token HRO?

(i) Benefits for Individual Users:

  • The platform makes use of a technology called ITP to maximize security.
  • Provides network users with a decent compensation amount for their participation.
  • Allows for protection to a wide array of digital devices and cloud service systems.

(ii) Benefits for Organizations

  • Allows big corporations to access the company’s native Open Threat Intelligence Exchange
  • Helps enhance 3rd Party cyber solution development.
  • Allows for the development of custom privacy solutions and dApps.

Heroic Token ICO Details

According to the whitepaper, there will be a total of 1,000,000,000 Heroic tokens that will be created. Additionally there will be a Hard Cap of $51,000,000 in place during the ICO phase.

The distribution of tokens will be done as follows:

  • 33% will be sold to the public during the token sale.
  • Another 33% will be doled out to network participants in the form of Incentives.
  • The rest will be used to foster and further develop the ecosystem.

The distribution of Funds will be done as follows:

  • 42% of the money will be used for R&D purposes.
  • 22% will be used to pay for network operations.
  • 18% of the raised revenue will be used for marketing the platform
  • The remaining amount will be used by company team members, partners and legal advisors.

For any additional details regarding this platform, users can send an email across the the company's official reps.



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