Blockchain technology is expanding on every single industry and aspect of our lives, including the automotive sector. Hewlett-Packard Enterprises has decided to sign a partnership with Streamr, a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency startup, that will create an integrated smart car platform in order to share data with other vehicles connected to the blockchain.

The Blockchain Car

The product these two enterprises developed will be displayed at the New York’s Consensus Conference that will take place during the coming days. According to a press release unveiled by both companies, visitors to the Streamr pavilion will see data ‘flowing’ through a 3D Audi Q2 chassis.

Raphael Davison, Worldwide Director for Blockchain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise said:

“We see Blockchain use cases evolving into what we call Blockchain 3.0: the intersection of Blockchain, IoT, big data, AI and the Intelligent Edge. Our partnership with companies like Streamr helps us bring this future closer to a reality.”

The interface has been designed by HP and will collect real-time data from the car’s communications ‘bus.’ The car sensors will be transmitting data collected to the ‘bus’ in a matter of seconds. The data gathered will include fuel consumption, location, acceleration and gearing, and more.

Streamr CEO Henri Pokhala explained:

“As we welcome the future of cities and towns, real-time data is required to drive smart cities forward. We want to ensure that when drivers get in their car and produce valuable data, no one is reaping the rewards but them.”

Some days ago, a blockchain platform known as MOBI was launched on May the 5th sponsored by BMW, Renault, General Motors and Ford. These companies were working side by side with IBM and IOTA to make transportation ‘safer, more affordable, and widely accessible using blockchain technology.’

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