There are now many different ways to generate income from the cryptocurrency market. Some crypto investors choose to identify and invest in promising initial coin offerings, creating massive amounts of wealth from a very small amount of initial capital. Other investors participate in mining, or joint mining pools that allow miners to combine their processing power together.

Many more traders choose to day trade, which can be one of the most profitable and engaging methods of generating income from the cryptocurrency market. There are now thousands of different cryptocurrencies and tokens being purchased and sold on as many different exchanges around the world, which creates a wide range of opportunities that can be exploited to generate massive profit.

The extremely fast paced nature of the cryptocurrency market, however, can be frustrating. Achieving success in cryptocurrency day trading can often involve spending hours glued to a screen, watching charts for signals and breakouts. One of the most interesting elements of crypto trading, however, is that technical analysis is an extremely effective strategy on the cryptocurrency market.

The reasons for the effectiveness of technical analysis, or the practice of assessing and identifying statistics and trends to make buying and selling decisions, are myriad. Without getting into the specifics, it’s safe to say that technical analysis is arguably the most effective way to create trading strategies on the crypto market.

As technical analysis is largely based in mathematical interpretations of statistical data, it’s possible to program bots to observe trading signals and make either buy or sell movements based on the strategies programmed into them by their users. Cryptocurrency trading bots have exploded in popularity over the last year, creating a marketplace in which traders seeking optimization and automation are able to choose from a vast variety of different solutions.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Hexabot Trading Bot solution and examine how it works to help you determine whether it’s worth incorporating into your trading strategy.

What Is The Hexabot Trading Bot?

Hexabot Trading Bot is a professional automatic trading system that uses a variety of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to identity key buy and sell signals in the cryptocurrency marketplace. These algorithms are designed to streamline the tasks of a professional trader and make the trading process as efficient as possible.

The Hexabot platform has been live since October 2017, and is developed by Peter Shepard of Hexabot Crypto Trading LTD, which is based in London, UK. The Hexabot platform currently offers three different trading bots that can be used to generate an attractive return on investment. Interestingly, joining the Hexabot platform is completely free, and comes with a 0.0001 BTC welcome bonus.

The Hexabot platform is one of the more reputable trading bots available on the market today, as it provides a detailed breakdown of the registration details of the parent company that releases it on the platform website. The creator of the Hexabot platform, Peter Shepard, also regularly participates in live chats online, allowing users to ask questions regarding the architecture of the platform.

While the Hexabot platform may appear to be a fully-fledged trading bot, in reality it works far more like a high yield investment program, or HYIP. High yield investment programs are currently extremely popular in the cryptocurrency industry, and are built around using investor capital to fund aggressive or speculative ventures in a variety of market.

Whether or not the Hexabot bot algorithm works efficiently or not, the platform still offers the same basic platform as a HYIP- deposit funds into a managed investment account, select a tier of investment, and generate profits on an hourly basis.

While high yield investment programs are not necessarily scams, many don’t do any investing at all, simply using new investor capital to pay out legacy withdrawal requests until the entire system collapses. As a general rule, if you’re considering getting involved with a HYIP, it’s best to get in early and get out fast to avoid being burned.

Hexabot Trading Bot Features

Hexabot Trading Bot boasts extremely simple cryptocurrency cloud bot trading, and promises instant withdrawals in one click, which is important in the high risk world of high yield investment programs. The Hexabot platform calculates profits on an hourly basis, and allows users to withdraw funds at any time.

How the Hexabot Trading Bot Works

Hexabot offers three different investment plans at the time of this article, as follows:

  • Scalp Trading Bot (Pays Daily): 2.0-2.3%
  • Technical Trading Bot (Pays Every 3 Days): 7.1-8.2%
  • Swing Trading Bot (Pays Every 7 Days): 22.1-24.1%

If you’re familiar with high yield investment plans, you'll immediately notice the strict adherence to the standard HYIP template structure.

It’s important to note that Hexabot Trading Bot charges a flat 7% withdrawal fee for all deposits from investment accounts. This is a good sign that Hexabot is likely a fairly reputable HYIP, as most scam HYIPs don’t even attempt to pretend they’re making a profit from the process. Hexabot appears to possess a clearly defined monetization strategy.

Hexabot Trading Bot Conclusion

As far as HYIPs go, Hexabot Trading Bot is relatively reputable in appearance. If you’re interested in trying out a high yield investment program, Hexabot is not such a bad choice at all.


  1. Please check on Hexabot. I believe this is a scam exchange. After making a deposit, and logging out – I couldn’t log back in. When clicking on “forgot password” (though I didn’t), the so-called email to allow me to recover or change password, never came. Two days – and I’ve heard nothing and still cannot log in. Please let people know – this is unfair, and it makes the whole bitcoin thing seem dodgy. We don’t need people like that in this space.

    • Same thing happened to me. Exactly the same steps followed and now I am a few dollars out of pocket due to this scam. Warn everyone!

  2. same thing happened to me. Thought I’d do a search because I am sure I didn’t forget the password because I copied and pasted it because you only enter it once on signup, vs the twice to confirm. Email password recovery sends no email. Going to send an email to support and then escalate from there, do not let them get away with this

  3. I’ve deposited the minimum required 0.01 BTC to their wallet on December 4 and it still doesn’t show any funds even though I already received confirmation from Coinbase.


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