Hicky HKY ICO Review

Hicky, found online at Hicky.io, aims to revolutionize the way you think about online dating. Find out how it plans to do that today in our review.

What is Hicky HKY?

Hicky HKY is a dating app built on an immutable blockchain platform. The goal is to solve major problems in the world of online dating – like spammy chatbots and scam artists using the platform for nefarious purposes.

In a Medium post announcing the company, Hicky explains that apps like Tinder “are increasingly seen as a game rather than a place to actually find a partner.”

“Without seeing what’s on their screen, someone swiping on Tinder could in fact easily be confused with someone sling-shotting angry birds. Both require about the same amount of attention, and both result in about the same amount of satisfaction.”

Of course, Tinder isn’t the only problematic dating app in the world today. Hicky mentions alternatives like The League, which verifies members by checking their LinkedIn profile to make sure they’re wealthy, then charges members $100 per month to access an “exclusive” network of “elite” singles.

Hicky aims to solve these problems – and others – by creating a dating app built on immutable blockchain technology.

The token sale and alpha launch for Hicky are scheduled for Q1 2018, with the ICO launching on February 14, 2018 (yes, the dating app is launching its token sale on Valentin’s Day).

How Does Hicky Work?

Hicky aims to be the first dating app built on blockchain. The goal is to create a dating app with an enhanced level of trust – the kind of trust only available today on exclusive, high-priced, verified dating apps.

Users interact with Hicky through an efficient, easy-to-use, decentralized mobile application. That app is built on three principles, including reliability and security of information, selection of users according to strict criteria, and distributing users into categories.

Why rank users by categories? By categorizing users, Hicky wants to simplify the search for the right person while at the same time removing “masks” people use on other dating websites.

One of the main problems faced on other dating websites is the difference between expectations and reality. Daters often hide information about themselves, their social status, their appearance, or their marital status, for example, which leads to a subpar dating experience.

With that in mind, Hicky wants to use underlying algorithms to improve user selection and classification: “These algorithms guarantee that you are matched up with the right people. No more fakers, no more lies and no more scammers.” In other words, Hicky matches you up with real users who have provided verified information to the platform.

Overall, Hicky sees itself as a decentralized autonomous dating network, or DAD. Users can file a dispute with the DAD if a date goes badly.

What Problems Does Hicky Seek to Solve?

Hicky aims to solve many of the biggest problems in today’s dating app landscape, including all of the following:

Centralized Information Storage: Traditional dating apps store a user’s personal information on a centralized machine. This can lead to problems like data leaks. Ashley Madison, for example, suffered an infamous leak that revealed the names of cheating partners online. As long as dating services store customer data in centralized sources, those sources are going to be a target for hackers.

Fraud: Dating app users are constantly exposed to fraud. Approximately 10% of dating profiles are fake. Victims are manipulated to send money or even go on dates. There’s an overall lack of trust in the modern dating ecosystem, and spammers can easily get past weak user verification systems.

Wasted Time and Money: Users risk wasting their time and money on the hopes of building a relationship. Many dating app users lie about their jobs or future goals, for example, in the hopes of landing a better date. Others just use dating apps to get free meals.

Overall, Hicky claims that today’s dating ecosystem is an inefficient and wasteful system. Users rarely find love.

Features of Hicky

Hicky emphasizes all of the following features:


Hicky uses the blockchain to establish trust. The immutable blockchain provides unchangeable records of each user. At the same time, Hicky verifies all information on its blockchain. Once information is verified by the network, it can be considered valid and untamperable. Blockchain-based personal identity verification is becoming increasingly common. Hicky wants to bring that concept to the world of online dating.


Hicky aims to create an ecosystem that isn’t susceptible to hacking attempts. Blockchain technology is infamously secure.


A decentralized platform has the ability to evolve organically. Removing the “owner” from the equation means users can decide for themselves how the platform will grow.


Hicky removes the need for a centralized, trusted third party, replacing it with a decentralized blockchain-based consensus mechanism and ERC20 tokens.


All Hicky transactions are recorded on the immutable blockchain.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Hicky uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to safeguard users from spam and fraud. It doesn’t use AI to help match users with other users.

How to Use Hicky

Here’s the basic process users will use to create a Hicky profile and interact with other users:

Step 1) Face Verification:

Users will build their profiles, then provide face verification. Users cannot interact with other users until face verification is complete. You’ll also need to provide a photo of your national identity card (like a passport or driver’s license). Hicky will compare the photo on your license with the selfie photo you provided.

Step 2) Voice Verification:

Hicky will ask users one of 36 questions. Users must answer this question using their voice before engaging in a chat with another user. This further reduces the likelihood of bots engaging with other users.

Step 3) Interaction:

Users are verified and are now free to interact with other users. Unlike traditional dating apps, Hicky doesn’t record all user messages in a centralized database (traditional dating apps read your messages to sell advertisements). With Hicky, your messages are sent peer-to-peer. No centralized server intercepts your messages. Hicky plans to specifically use the Status project’s Whisper VS protocol to ensure protected peer-to-peer communications.

Step 4) Conflict Resolution:

If two users decide to go on a date, then they can enter into a “date deposit” agreement by staking tokens. the deposit is locked up for a pre-defined duration after the date has been completed. If the date goes well and there are no complaints, then the tokens are returned to the users. If one partner no shows, or if the date goes badly for any other reason, then a user can open a conflict with Hicky’s DAD.

The Hicky HKY Token Sale

Of the total supply of Hicky tokens (HKY), 60% are dedicated to the token sale. The remaining tokens are allocated for the team (20%), the platform (10%), advisors (5%), and marketing (5%).

The token sale for HKY tokens begins on February 14, 2018. You can purchase tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 7500 HKY during the token sale. A total supply of 481,500,000 tokens will be released at a price of $0.14 per token for an expected market cap of $40 million USD.

A friends and family sale as well as a pre-sale were completed earlier in 2018.

Who’s Behind Hicky HKY?

Hicky is led by Julian Fuchs (Business Strategy), Patrick Schwetlick (Product Development), Lisa Lamina (Community Manager), and Kian Schreiber (Business Strategy).

The company’s team is based in Berlin, Germany. However, Hicky is officially registered in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Hicky was founded in 2017.

Hicky HKY ICO Conclusion

Hicky aims to modernize online dating by creating a blockchain-based solution. Hicky uses the blockchain to verify the identities of dating app users. It also uses the blockchain – and solutions like Whisper VS – to ensure secure peer-to-peer communication between users.

The end result is a dating environment where users feel free and safe to interact with one another. Hicky also has systems like a “dating smart contract” where users can lock up funds for the duration of the date, then file a dispute if the date goes badly.

The token sale for Hicky tokens (HKY) begins on Valentine’s Day (February 14), 2018. To learn more, visit online today at Hicky.io.

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