The platform is a newly emerging startup that is designed to change the rules of the game in regard to the cannabis market and every sale of marijuana that takes place. This is starting in California and they are looking to make it in all jurisdictions. There is currently 23 days until the ICO starts.

How Does The Higher Coin Work?

This is a newly developed platform that is said to be innovating the medical marijuana industry. It’s designed to be first place where people can register orders through the platform and then expect the delivery to be performed in just one hour.

From January 1st, 2018 and on – anyone who lives in California will be able to purchase recreational marijuana, the problem is costs and delivery options are said to be limited. But with the new platform, they claim you can get your delivery in as little as 10 minutes and as long as 60 minutes. It’s ideal for anyone who needs marijuana urgently. For example, you’re having a party and are trying to get some THC from them, but they are telling you that the wait is 1-2 days. Well, it won’t be if you use Higher Coin.

In each district of California, they have couriers who have commodity stocks at all times. And once they receive the message about the order, the courier immediately delivers to you. They claim this has solved the problem once and forever.

The buyer will essentially get the order for the optimal price in 60 minutes or less. Any drivers will get earnings for the delivery and investors will make money from the rising price of the tokens.

About Higher Coin ICO

As stated before, there is currently about 23 days until the ICO starts. But they are in pre-sale as of now. And so fat they have received about 2.1 ETH for funding. There are currently seven investors into the platform as well with a soft cap of 100 ETH. And 1 ETH is equal to 5000 of their HGR Tokens. The total hard cap is 10,000,000 HGR. You can buy tokens on the website or read the whitepaper to learn more about the platform and what they are doing.

There is also an address on the company site, but I would make sure it’s the right address and contact them before sending any money. Find out who they are and make sure they can verify their information as well. As for the pre-sale bonus, it is currently running at 35% as of today. You can also learn more by signing up to their email list on the company website.

Who Is Behind Higher Coin?

The team is headed by Maksim Sokolov. Unfortunately, when you click his LinkedIn profile, there is no profile to speak of. The same can be said for the last team member. And as for the other two, one lives in Canada and the other in Russia. I would say, all of this makes Higher Coin extremely dangerous to invest with or trust.

Higher Coin In Conclusion

The Higher Coin network is like the Uber of marijuana delivery and sales. It’s a simple mobile application that combines an internet marijuana store with an at home delivery system and service.

The buyer doesn’t need to speak with the support team. They only need to select the product and place a few clicks through the application once it’s setup.

Every courier has the product on hand as long as it was presented in the store online. And once they get the message, they make the delivery to the buyer. Each delivery pays out the driver about $10. As I said in the explanation of the team, two of them are impossible to verify and don’t have actual LinkedIn Profiles, yet they still have the logo under their picture. The other two team mates live in other countries. Higher Coin is a dangerous investment and should be stayed clear of.

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