HighVibe Network

What Is HighVibe Network?

HighVibe.Network is a decentralized ecosystem built to sustain autonomous growth while instantly linking premium content to incentive programs and allow users to earn from their participation monetarily. That will enable the individuals partaking in actions such as submitting quality content, commenting, voting, participating in campaigns, introducing new users and much more.

Overall, it will act as a unique social enterprise that offers premium content and services to its members. The revenue from the platform will come from the events, product purchases, and subscriptions available for purchase as part of the content types.

How HighVibe  Personal Development Learning Protocol Works

HighVibe.Network aims to make the exciting connection within its platform through these features:

HighVibe Network Protocol

HighVibe.Network leverages blockchain technology through the protocol that maintains the infrastructure supporting information accessibility and storage. Additionally, it allows for the anonymity of the members' identities depending on their preference.

HighVibe Network Tokens

Part of the network's foundation is the use of a native cryptocurrency in the form of HighVibe (HV). The token enables the project to progress in development through the liquidity, unlocking new features and facilitate decision making.

HighVibe Network Features


The HighVibe.Network provides zero transaction fees that are faster compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks.


The HV token utilizes the Proof of Brain mechanism based on a token reward system to work on the content driven ecosystem. The use of HV token rewards would help propel the autonomous growth.

User Experience

HighVibe.Network token supports blockchain work giving the user unparalleled expertise where they can derive benefit, transparency, efficiency within the architecture.

Content Monetization

Authors and content creators can monetize their online works by using the HV token as an incentive tool to encourage user behavior.

HighVibe Network Benefits

HighVibe.Network is tapping one of the most advanced governance systems and mechanisms to offer the following opportunities to users.

Efficient Rating And Reputation

The rating and reputation systems will enable users to build trust in virtual communities to allow for a decentralized rating system. The token will allow for rating content, giving feedback and incentivize the creators or consumers.

Use Of Smart Contracts

Relying on blockchain technology would entail utilizing original contracts to build on the transparency of the transactions. The technology will also facilitate goal tracking for the users and spending on the partner platforms.

Value Generation

The HV token facilitates a P2P engagement and concierge-style benefits that will look to add value to the authors, partners, vendors and consumers' transactions.

Hybrid DAO

The blockchain-based organization will allow for a dynamic set of relationships to reward the highest levels of skills evolving in the platform.

HighVibe Network HV Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Public Token Sale: 09/09/2018 – 10/10/2018
  • Token symbol- HV
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 8,000,000,000 HV
  • Available for sale- 4,000,000,000 HV
  • Price rate- 1 HV= $0.015 USD
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, Fiat (TBA)
  • Hard cap- $44,220,436
  • Soft cap- $2,500,000

Token Allocation

  • Public sale- 50%
  • Company reserve- 20%
  • Contributors and authors- 10%
  • Team and advisors- 10%

HighVibe Network Conclusion

Not every venture using blockchain technology would necessitate a disruptive potential and HighVibe.Network falls into such a category. While it can be easy to latch on to the idea, overall it lacks potential in portraying how well it will survive in a somewhat competitive content market.

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