What is HIPE HIME?

HIPE HIME is an innovative ecosystem for business and personal interaction with many useful functions for business and ordinary users.

A sequence a rapid technological advances over the last century have enabled easier, simpler and more comfortable living to extents which seemed hitherto inconceivable. In the last few decades, internet has rapidly accelerated developments in every aspect of our lives, eliminating various boundaries to communication and information processing. However, the various softwares we use lack integration with other services. HIME seeks to eliminate these boundaries.

HIPE HIME unites a multitude of services necessary for each particular person for work, business and communication. Thus, within one application it will be possible to perform hundreds of different functions throughout the day.

While having a rich functionality for every user, applications have some common shortcomings:

  • applications are closed for interaction among themselves
  • absence of possibility of all-round interaction in all areas between the client and business
  • lack of the ability to add your own functionality
  • absence of complex applications for the daily solution of all user tasks in a single multifunctional space
  • lack of tools and a platform for developing one’s own innovative solutions

HIME is the next stage of evolution for stand-alone applications, in which unique single-celled organisms provided with one ability, evolve into the ecosystem, creating a new multifunctional organism.

Users do not have a convenient, reliable ecosystem with many interrelated business and life-relevant services taking away out-of-date forms of interaction. Many software areas are outdated or imperfect, and some are completely absent.

HIME is an innovative ecosystem with elements of blockchain technology. It combines many necessary services for work, business and communication. Already now this is an innovative working product that:

  • takes into account all the needs of B2B and B2C companies
  • combines dozens of unique and well-known in-demand services in one application
  • is a system open for development, modification and external integration

The target audience is waiting for such solutions. Investors will be convinced of this in the near future when the effectiveness of paid services and marketplaces will be on full display. HIME developers believe that the time for the HIME ecosystem to enter the ICO-project market was chosen correctly. The product will bring the application market to a new level of development.

The creators of HIPE specify that the platform will profit from paid modules, advertising, paid entertainment content, subscriptions. In addition, as the project develops, there will be other ways to monetize. At the moment the application already has a working version, which can be sampled by filling out the form on the site. This will allow users to assess the platform's prospects in practice.

Tokens on the HIME platform, HIT tokens will provide their weight due to its turnover inside the ecosystem/marketplace. Through integration, the investor can themselves influence the success of the ecosystem by integrating their development. The token will start trading on exchanges 30 days after completion of ICO.

The Team

  • Vladimir Samoilovich – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Ivan Zaparovanyi – Co-Founder, CTO
  • Marat Daulbaiev – Co-Founder
  • Denis Volkov – iOS developer
  • Rogovoy Vitaliy – Android developer


  • Platform – Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Crowdsale – November 16, 2017 to February 16, 2018
  • Hard cap – 23,300,000 HIT
  • Price per token – 0.001 ETH
  • Currencies accepted – BTC and ETH

Note: Citizens of USA, Hong Kong and Singapore are not allowed to participate


As a platform which aims to break barriers between languages, applications, business and their customers, a vehicle for integrating various software solutions at once place and P2P translation solutions in 50 different languages, HIPE HIME proposes an ambitious project.

Given the lack of similar projects, with adequate backing and dedication on the part of the development team, HIME could very well carve out a niche for itself.

ICO Rating – 4/5

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