The freelance economy is taking the world by a wave, and almost half of the millennials are now considering it more of a career. Estimates indicate there are more freelancers than actual full-time workers from just the last ten years. While technology is the force driving this growth, the freelancing systems are still facing their own set of challenges. The popularity should not fool you as freelance marketplaces are struggling to resolve the ongoing problems.

Key among the challenges is that freelancing is not a “free” market as online middleman platforms tend to have delays, fines, and fees when it comes to payments. The quality of work is also a major headache on these platforms as the system is somewhat weak at detecting fraud. Fortunately, with blockchain disrupting the financial sector and all other kinds of industry, the online freelance market is also not left out. Here a blockchain solution looking to improve the existing services for employers, and freelancers

About Hirefreehands

Hirefreehands is a blockchain-based marketplace platform where companies and individuals will get to seek the services and talents of freelancers of top-quality nut affordable. The platform plans to achieve this by deploying the innovative blockchain technology which will act as a database to identify and recruit freelancers from all around Africa and put them in an online environment.

While ordinarily similar ventures only mention of freelancers, Hirefreehands lays its emphasis on the need to seek quality freelancers to avoid unfair practices to the clients. In return, the freelancers will get value for their tasks, and the clients get quality worth their funds. Most importantly, Hirefreehands aim to achieve this, through various features on its platform. These elements include

  • Price regulation algorithm- Hireefreehands plan to eliminate bidding and negotiations through a fair price mechanism based on a proprietary price regulation algorithm.
  • Skill verification process-freelancers will go through vetting process made up of expert and professional freelancers.
  • Jury system- qualified Hirefreehands users will oversee dispute resolution in the marketplaces through a jury system
  • Smart Contracts- instead of escrow service, each task will work under an intelligent contract to handle the payment settlements for successful jobs
  • Project management system- Hirefreehands plans on employing an intelligent project management system to ensure the quality of work delivered by the freelancers.

Top HireFreeHands Benefits

Hirefreehands plan on revolutionizing the freelancing market through different ways for both the freelancers and employers. Consequently, the participants will benefit in the following ways.

  • Quick and seamless withdrawals thanks to the real-time capability of blockchain and the cryptocurrency (HFT token)
  • Unbiased dispute resolution as the jury system works on a random selection of qualified freelancers
  • Delivery of quality work since freelancers undergo strict vetting, and blockchain ensures they provide authentic details
  • No price manipulation with price regulation mechanism
  • No middleman fees for the freelancers and employers

Hirefreehands Token Symbol

  • Token Symbol: HFT
  • Token Sale Starts: April – May, 2018
  • Token Price: 1HFT = $0.05
  • Total Supply: 499 Million
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: 2 Million
  • Hard Cap: 10 Million

The Verdict on Hirefreehands

There is no denying that the freelance marketplace is full of inefficiencies ranging from high costs, low quality of work, distrust, slow payments and most of all working under centralized platforms that act as monopolies.

Blockchain solutions such as Hirefreehands are capable of solving all these problems, and all hopes are on these developments to finally entice freelancers and employers away from the traditional freelancing markets. The only challenge is if Hirefreehands can pull it off and become successful.

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