Hit Coin Trade

Hit Coin Trade is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that promises to pay you 124% ROI every 72 hours, with profits calculated every minute. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review.

What Is Hit Coin Trade?

Hit Coin Trade is an investment system found online at HitCoin.trade. The system claims to help investors maximize income using advanced trading strategies and years of industry experience. Hit Coin Trade caters its services to beginner investors – including investors who are interested in crypto investing, but don’t know how to get started.

Ultimately, Hit Coin Trade doesn’t seem to have any legitimate business plan in place. The website’s “investment system” seems like a straightforward Ponzi scheme: you pay a fee to enter the scheme, then hope that a large number of people join the company after you. The returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of newer members until the scheme collapses.

Will Hit Coin Trade really pay you 124% every 72 hours? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Hit Coin Trade Work?

Here’s what Hit Coin Trade advertises on its official website:

  • Earn 0.028704% ROI every minute
  • Deposit time of 72 hours
  • 124% yields every 72 hours, guaranteed
  • Minimum payment of 0.0005 BTC, 0.006 ETH, $0.10 USD, or 10 Russian Rubles
  • Minimum deposit of 0.0003 BTC, 0.006 ETH, $1, or 60 Russian Rubles
  • Maximum deposit of 10 BTC, 210 ETH, $100,000, or 6 million Russian Rubles

As of December 18, the company claims to have attracted 2642 investors who have deposited a total of $280,047.70 into the platform, with total payments of $101,875. Hit Coin Trade provides no proof of any of these payments, nor does it provide any proof that investors have earned returns as advertised. There’s a list of investors who have purportedly earned money through the company, although there’s no way to verify these payments are legitimate.

Like all good pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, Hit Coin Trade has a lucrative referral program that encourages users to refer friends to the platform. You earn 8% commissions on first level referrals, followed by 1% commissions on your second and third levels. So it’s a multi-level marketing / pyramid scheme-style referral system.

Who’s Behind Hit Coin Trade?

Hit Coin Trade has taken the same approach as other crypto investment schemes. The company has registered as a corporation according to CompaniesHouse.gov.uk. The registration appears to be legitimate, but anyone can make a document like this in minutes online. Hit Coin Trade lists a fake London address as its headquarters. That address is real, although Hit Coin Trade is not genuinely based at that location.

The company was incorporated on December 1, 2017. A person named Ellis Davidson is listed as Director of the company.

Ultimately, just because Hit Coin Trade posts a corporation registration document on CompaniesHouse.gov.uk doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. Anyone can do that – and we’ve seen plenty of scam artists take a similar approach.

Based on what we can find online, Hit Coin Trade was made by a Russia-based team of scammers.

Hit Coin Trade Conclusion

We have no reason to believe that Hit Coin Trade is a legitimate investment opportunity. The company appears to be a bitcoin investment scam designed to steal your money. Unless you’re one of the lucky few early investors, it seems likely that you’ll lose all your money in this scam. Hit Coin Trade claims to pay you 0.287% interest every minute, which means huge profits of 124% every 72 hours. When someone advertises guaranteed returns as high as this, it’s a sure sign you’re participating in a scam.

Based on everything we can see online, Hit Coin Trade is a blatant investment scam. Avoid Hitcoin.trade unless you feel like donating your money to a scam artist.

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