Hitachi To Pilot A Blockchain Fingerprint Payment Verification System For Shoppers

One of the largest retail giants in the world, Hitachi, has started trials for a new purchase verification system. The new system is being developed to make payment processing as simple as placing your finger on a scanner to give your fingerprint ID. Hitachi isn’t going it alone though, they have support from a partnership development with KDDI, one of Japan’s telecommunication leaders.

KDDI is the ideal partner for Hitachi, considering the tele-com giant also has their own retail stores for testing the system in Japan. The company owns stores and terminals through Tokyo, making for easy testing of the ID/coupon system they’re setting up.

Customers who use the applications will be able to register one time, also inputting any coupons they have as well as information to improve their shopping experience. After registration is complete, their personal information is stored on an immutable, secure blockchain. The process makes shopping easy, when making a purchase, the customer will verify their identity with their fingerprint and the transaction will complete itself.

The new technology was designed by Hitachi, who is using the Hyperledger Fabric Platform. KDDI then took the system, improving it further by integrating it with their coupon system. After, they installed the biometric verification system to complete the platform.

Hitachi’s creation has resulted in a payment processing platform, easy to use, hacker proof, ready to start making shopping even easier for the Japanese. The system also makes the shopper’s experience more streamlined, with the network doing most of the work for them. The platform will work for multiple stores, with the capabilities to track and store information for multiple locations at one time.

Customers can now walk into a store, verify their identity with fingerprint on the company mainframe, then pick an item out, provide their coupon via their phone then walk out with a completed purchase. The collaboration with KDDI is only one of several blockchain retail projects Hitachi is currently developing. Another is the supply chain project announced last year, among others Hitachi is currently hiding up their sleeve.

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