Bankera, a blockchain-based digital bank project recently made a significant announcement concerning its token. HitBTC will be listing the BNK token and thereafter, trading will commence.

Although not an unexpected move, it does come in light of Bankera’s recent developments, which is its record-breaking token sale that led to contributions from over 100,000 contributors worldwide.

Those who are still interested in purchasing BNKs token will have a second chance at doing so, which will be when the token is available for trading on HitBTC.

It isn’t very often that a token gets listed on a large exchange. Being listed often means that the token become more liquid and a part of the blockchain ecosystem.

Once listed, the token will be paired with several other major cryptocurrencies, including ETC, USDT, and BTC. This will provide users with greater latitude when it comes to choosing the tokens they are interested in.

Interestingly enough, the tokens have also gone through an audit process, which includes four layers of security to safeguard that the BK smart contract can be released on the blockchain.

The tokens will also be supported by Nem Mosaics so that users can switch between technologies on the blockchain. Token holders will receive a BNK commission, which features 20% of Banker’s and MVP SpectroCoin’s transactional revenue. Those who contribute can hold their token in what is called a SpectroCoin blockchain wallet, thereby allowing them to receive a share of their commission.

Despite the listing, it should also be noted that Bankera is still focusing on developing a trading platform so that it is able to grow its community into a secure and cost-effective alternative to many existing exchange. Further, the exchange is set to support various cryptocurrencies, including those listed earlier. Further, Bankera’s exchange may be able to provide token holders with BNK pairs, without them having to pay a commission as well.

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