HitStake claims to be a next-generation automated trading platform that will pay you 45% returns per month. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is HitStake?

HitStake, found online at HitStake.com, is an automated trading platform that promises to give investors enormous returns with little risk.

In fact, HitStake claims investors can expect passive earnings of 45% per month through the program. They also claim their token, called HITS, will massively increase in price over the coming months. It’s being sold for “just” $0.60 today. However, HitStake claims the token will be priced at $45 by just May 2018.

Obviously, these are all red flags that you’re dealing with a scam. Most legitimate investments don’t promise investors 45% returns per month. And most ICOs don’t sell tokens with ridiculous “target price” token valuations.

Is HitStake yet another Ponzi scheme or automated trading scam? Or is this a legitimate way to get rich quick? Let’s take a closer look at how HitStake works.

How HitStake Crypto Lending Automated Trading Program Works

HitStake seems to function like most cryptocurrency scams online today: the company advertises an automated trading platform that earns 45% returns per month, for example. It also advertises a multi-level referral system that encourages users to tell their friends about the platform.

HitStake also claims you can buy HITS tokens at $0.60 during the ICO today “to earn huge profit” when the price skyrockets to $45 per token in May.

All of these are huge red flags that you’re being scammed.

Even the world’s best hedge funds don’t earn returns of 45% per month. These hedge funds are run by the best traders, the best algorithms, and the best analysts in the world. The top hedge funds make returns of around 20% per year – or 2 to 3% per month. HitStake claims to have created an “automated trading program” that earns 45% per month.

All you need to do is deposit money with HitStake, and their mysterious “automated trading program” will magically turn your money into more money. There’s no risk: the trading robot never makes a bad trade. If you deposit $100,000 today, you’ll have $1 million before the end of the year.

Understandably, HitStake provides no proof to support any of these ridiculous returns.

HitStake Features

HitStake advertises the following features:

Trade On External Exchanges:

HitStake claims its HITS tokens can be traded on external exchanges. However, no exchanges are planning to list HITS tokens at this time, and it seems unlikely they’ll appear on any major exchange in the future.

Auto Trading Program:

HitStake has created a magical automated trading program that generates returns of 45% per month. Just give the company a bunch of money and they’ll magically turn it into more money every month.


HitStake is selling its value-less HITS tokens for $0.60 during the ICO. You can “earn huge profit” by holding your coins until they hit $45 in May 2018.

Limited Supply:

There’s a limited supply of 14 million HITS tokens. 8 million HITS are distributed through the ICO. The company plans to buy back 1 million tokens every 6 months, limiting the supply even further.


If you lock money into the automated trading program, you’ll receive an airdrop of 8% additional HITS to your web wallet.

Share And Earn:

HitStake has a multi-level, pyramid scheme-style referral system that will pay you for referring other users to the platform. You get paid 8% on the first level and 3% on the second level.

The HitStake HITS ICO Details

HitStake is selling its HITS tokens starting with a pre-ICO on March 8, 2018.

The main ICO will take place from March 10 to March 16.

Tokens are being sold at a rate of $0.60 during the pre-ICO, rising to $0.95 by the main ICO.

HITS tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 14 million HITS tokens, with 8 million HITS available during the ICO.

Of the total supply of tokens, 57% are going to the ICO, 27% are going to the automated trading and airdrop fund, 9% to a bonuses fund, and 7% to a reserve fund.

HitStake is advertising their ICO as a no-risk investment: within just days of the token sale, according to HitStake, the price of each HITS token will rise to $8 (they’ve set a target price of $8 by March 21). Within a few weeks after that, HitStake claims their token will be priced at $45.

HitStake Investment Packages

Based on everything we can see online, HitStake is very clearly a Ponzi scheme: the company claims to have a magical “automated trading program” that pays 45% returns per month consistently. Yet they provide no proof that program actually exists. We’re led to assume that investors’ money is being pooled into a common fund, and then the returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of newer members. That’s a Ponzi scheme.

In any case, you can participate in the HitStake Ponzi scheme by investing in the following “investment packages”:

Bronze (100 HITS to 400 HITS): 45% ROI per month + 0.05% ROI per day, money locked for 199 days

Silver (401 HITS to 2000 HITS): 45% ROI per month + 0.15% ROI per day, money locked for 125 days

Gold (2001 HITS to 5000 HITS): 45% ROI per month + 0.20% per day, money locked for 99 days

Platinum (5001 Hits and Up): 45% ROI per month + 0.25% per day, money locked for 70 days

Who’s Behind HitStake?

One of the easiest ways to spot a cryptocurrency scam is when the company is advertising huge ROIs – but refuses to disclose their information.

Such is the case with HitStake: the company refuses to disclose team information, location information, or contact information. We have two email addresses you can use to contact the company ([email protected] and [email protected]) but that’s it.

HitStake Conclusion

At best, HitStake is a bad investment. At worst, it’s a complete Ponzi scheme. The company is advertising returns of 45% per month – but you’re paid in a value-less digital token called HITS. That token, according to the people who created it, is worth nothing today but is expected to rise to $45 in value by May 2018.

Obviously, when someone is selling tokens with such enormous ROIs attached, it means you’re probably being scammed. Based on the complete lack of transparency, the lack of team information, and the ridiculous earnings promises, we’re led to assume that HitStake is yet another cryptocurrency-based Ponzi scheme or investment scam.

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