Hive OS

If you are planning to start GPU mining, it is essential that you have a dependable way to monitor and manage the software and hardware. It is especially so in this era when making a profit from mining has become quite difficult. Besides that, you put a lot of time and money into a mining rig.

Thus, it is important for it to function properly so that you can recoup your investment. One of the places to start is to find a good OS. There are numerous options from which to choose but Hive OS is becoming quite popular.

About Hive OS

Hive is based on the Linux Ubuntu, which makes it lightweight and easy to boot from a flash drive. This is one of its biggest advantages over Windows-based machines. Windows can be booted from flash but it is often quite complicated. Another major benefit of Hive is that it is quite easy to use and the startup is quite fast.

Hive OS Startup

When you first go to the Hive site, you will find a page that contains a list of the features. You will also find a registration button and a button where you can download the OS. After you download the OS and flash it to a USB stick, you only need to plug it in to start the miner. You will then need to register at Hive and create a rig profile and a wallet. When you finish that, you can start mining.

With Hive OS, you can customize it as much as you like. Everything can be done including the web GUI, switchers, monitoring, wallet configuration, overclocking, undervolting, and bios flashing GPU cards. The web GUI is worth mentioning, it is easy to navigate and quite colorful. It displays the overall hash rate and the individual hash rate of each GPU. You will also get to see the fan speeds and the temperatures of each GPU.

The OS comes with many preinstalled elements that would have needed to configure and install on your time, saving you a lot of time. For instance, the AMD GPU-PRO and CUDA drives come preinstalled. These drivers allow for large computing workloads. Besides that, it comes with various mining programs installed, allowing you to mine as many coins as possible. In fact, you can even run two mining programs at once using Hive OS.

Is Hive OS Worth It?

This is quite an advantage compared to using the standard Windows or Linux installation. There are other OS, which offer similar concepts and some users may prefer them. However, the price point of this OS may help to sway them. You can use Hive free for up to three rigs. Beyond that, users will need to pay 3 USD a month for each extra rig. This is still comparatively cheap.

Hive is a great OS for both home and farm miners. Its ease of use is simply unmatched. This OS is updated often and if you face an issue, it will not be long before the Hive team resolves it.

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