Blockchain technology is here to stay, and with the impact it has had on many industry verticals, there is no doubt that blockchain-powered services and solutions can make a great deal of difference in the right use case scenarios.

One of the areas where this technology has the potential to make its presence felt is the financing industry for small and medium businesses, which have a tradition of suffering from liquidity hurdles.

With Hive, these problems might become a thing of the past.

Considering the kind of liquidity gap that small businesses usually face, Hive has come up with in ingenious solution that can provide these businesses with that much-needed liquidity in the form of digital currency, and also power investors to generate profitable returns for their investment into the Hive ICO.

This is the kind of solution that can definitely become a major boost for small businesses, providing them with enough liquidity to get them off the ground the right way.

Hive Unique Concept

The development team at Hive understand the fact that small businesses can run into a number of problems due to the usual difficulties that they run into with liquidity.

Generating the right kind of liquidity is crucial for a small business to find the right footing, especially in competitive markets, and this liquidity gap has already been responsible for many small businesses to close down shop, or start thinking about moving towards other ventures.

Hive solves this problem by providing a unique solution.

By leveraging powerful blockchain technology, Hive offers businesses to reach their liquidity goals by offering a digital currency invoice financing platform. This is a platform that can open up a new world of financing options for small businesses, all using the immense power and features of blockchain technology.

With an ongoing ICO, Hive plans to get investors into the fold, and use the investment to purchase the right invoices from trusted partner businesses, thus creating new liquidity and helping these businesses bridge the gap.

Invoice Financing

The invoice financing industry has been growing at a rapid pace over the years, and this is one trend that Hive intends to capitalize on with its ICO and business model.

Since the demand for this kind of financing is continually on the rise, Hive provides a platform for business to take advantage of this model of financing, but with the power of digital currencies. Blockchain tech has done amazing things in other areas, and can definitely help make this model successful in the long run.

The mode of operation that Hive practices has them purchasing micro invoices from a trusted network of companies.

By using these invoice contracts and the input from investors in the ICO, and storing all this important information into a blockchain, Hive can then facilitate the eventual sale of the invoice, generating revenue for the investors and liquidity for the businesses that are participating in the program.

Robust Management

The blockchain solution that Hive implements, makes use of distributed ledger technology to provide a unique ID to every invoice, allowing for complete automation of the invoicing process. By creating a trading room for invoices, new liquidity can be built for companies that desperately need it.

With the Hive ICO currently in progress, it is expected that the requisite number of investors would also come on board.

Getting Started With Hive

The website has separate sections for partner companies to log in and use the platform, and for investors who want to invest in this unique business model by participating in the ICO.

Hive Conclusion

Overall, the Hive model looks well-set to achieve great things in the future, providing much-needed liquidity to small businesses.


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