If you are interested in mining cryptocurrencies and, specifically, Ethereum, you will be interested in knowing more about the company that we will review today,

HivePool is a brand new company whose objective is to create mining pools for Ethereum. By using the services of this company, you will be able to mine Ethereum and altcoins created using Ethereum as a base (like the popular ERC20 tokens which have been appearing on the market lately).

How to Mine Using

Mining at home can be an ungrateful task. Many miners do not make as much money as they want to and sometimes they simply cannot be very effective while mining. Because of this, HivePool can be a very interesting option for the people who are tired of mining on their own.

The company is constructing its own Ethereum mining operation at this moment. By using next generation hardware, HivePool is creating a mining facility that will be able to mine Ethereum and altcoins faster.

A mining pool is created when people reunite their mining power to mine blocks in the blockchain and be able to do it faster. After the blocks have been mined, they all receive the cryptocurrencies and divide them equally between the people using how much each one mined as a base.

HivePool is, basically, a giant mining pool that is currently looking for miners. If you want to mine Ethereum and you do not want to do it alone, then it can certainly be a good idea to use this company’s services.

When Will You Be Able to Use

The company stated that the HivePool Beta would be online on March 1, but when our team decided to use the platform, it was offline for quite some time, so expect bugs and crashes while using the Beta version of this platform.

The prediction of the company is that the final version of HivePool will be released until the end of 2018.

The HivePool Conclusion

It seems to us that can be an option when you are looking for a mining pool that can increase the effectivity of your mining operations. Mining in pools is always easier and it looks like HivePool will be a good option whenever it leaves the Beta stage, which looks to be in somewhat buggy state at this moment.

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